Our Utah Camping / Riding trip...


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So the wife and I did our Utah trip once again. We went back to Bryce Canyon just outside the national park. We spent a week there and had a great time with great weather. It rained on our 3rd day so the dust was at a minimum after that. We stayed at Kings campground. Running water and a dump station, plus clean restrooms if needed. Whats nice about Utah is they have a multiply well marked trail systems setup that seem endless. Since I was leading the wife around, it was I that was the bait for all of the deer we saw. They would jump right out in front of me and the wife would get a good laugh as I tried to dodge them.


Camp - Lots of trees and clean! Not a great view of camp. Lots of quiet and stars to be had.



Day 2 - This is what most of the views look like close to camp. You can ride right out of camp and find plenty of riding close by.


The TE310 ran perfect at this elevation. It concord all it could find.


Found some water to cross in one of the creeks.


You can ride from mountains to valleys and lots of stuff in between. All of the places we rode were 2 track ATV riding trails. Not a lot of single track. Some places are 50" or less so bigger side by sides won't fit. On the excellent maps you can get the trails and ATV only routes are marked.


The view towards the campground. For your fisherman the lake is accessible to small boats.


This is another lake close by, Pine Lake. You can fish here as well. There is also another campground here as well.


On day 5 we made a trek over to "strawberry Point". While you can't see them very well, there are a 100's of cabins all through this view.


This is "mammoth Caves". In this hole there are caves that run underground to other openings.


Some of the trails leading into "Castro Canyon"


The wife having some fun in the water.


The walls of Castro Canyon


More of Castro canyon


In the 2 trips we have made these are all the gps tracks and way points I have collected along the way. We have close to 800-1000 miles here and have barley touched all of the routes that they have marked.


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Doug, Great pictures but, shhhhh, don't tell too many people. LOL. Trace
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Oh, by the way, our new 17.5" tires and rims have made 2 trips now with over 1500 miles and all is good so far. Both ways of full driving on them and they stayed together. The cyclone as well worked flawlessly as well. This was also the longest trip the new f350 has gone and pulled the trailer up and down 8% grades with ease. Used alot of gas but the trip was well worth it.

Till next years trip(g), can't wait!