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We have a 2017 Bighorn 3160 but this comment would apply to many other models also. By utlizing a TV lift system for the Living Area TV, a large window could be placed behind the TV. When the TV is in the down position, this would greatly enhance the outside view to the off-door side, bring in more outside light and improve air circulation. The same benefits would apply to the Bedroom by placing a window over the head of the bed. As in most cases, there are compromises such as reduced storage space and loosing the desktop in the Living Area but I believe this would be a positive change. What do you think?

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having a 3760el, similar plan- I much prefer having the pull out desk, and some additional storage area- seen way to many posts of tvs breaking on those due to movement, and lift is just another cheap electric motor to go out, usually parks are set so your only going to see another site anyways, and personally I would rather be outside enjoying the view - that's why I put outside tv as well - so have the best of both worlds-

as far as bedroom window at head of bed - having previous trailer with window in that spot- to much heat from sun/ and cold in winter, never seemed to get breeze in when opened -
a the amount of light coming in ruins sleeping late and mid day naps- I much prefer the 2 small windows on slide sides.


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We have a 3160 EL. I am happy with the configuration as it is. We get great air circulation especially when using the fantastic fan, overhead fan or air conditioning. The large windows on the living room slide let plenty of light into our camper. When it's really hot out, we lower or blinds to keep it cool inside. I would not like a window above my bed. There is plenty of light in the bedroom and I'd rather have it dark if I'm trying to get more sleep in the morning. Just my opinion.

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We opted for a 3270RS as opposed to a 3160el. Not that we didn’t like the bigger windows, but we enjoy the extra storage over the theater seating. We also very much like the slide out desk and I really utilize that small storage space in back of the fireplace. Matter of fact I moved the sub woofer close to the rear wall and pushed back that rear compartment wall for a little more storage.


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We have a Bighorn 3010 which has a huge window behind the drop down TV. When we first occupied we realized even with the shade pulled fully down we could not watch TV when the sun was up.

I got some 1/2 inch blue foam to block the the window is never opened.

And I should add, for us windows are over rated.....we have always parked in RV parks and all we get is a view of the neighbors sewer connection......

always envious of those who get to boondock and might get a view.
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