"Adjusted" length of 2011 Landmark Augusta?


We have been told that a campsite we are about to reserve can accommodate up to 36' camper so that the wheels fit on the terraced site. We are very interested in purchasing a Landmark Augusta whose length is listed (NADA) as 38'5", but I am wondering what the distance is between the outside back wall to the front landing gear? Anybody?

Thanks in advance!
Gail Mengel


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Our 2011 Landmark Rushmore is 39' and has the 4 point auto-leveling with rear stabilizers. Distance from the rear stabilizers to the ladder on the rear cap is about 4'. So if the site has no obstructions behind the terraced surface, only 35' would be on the terrace. And if you don't put down the stabilizers, or if this Augusta doesn't have them, distance from the rear wheel to ladder is well over 8' and around 30' would be on the terrace.