antenna wiring... bighorn 3055RL


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I am the second owner of a "new-to-me" 2011 bighorn 3055rl, and I cant seem to find the correct antenna connection to get the antenna connected to either of the tv units... neither in the bedroom or the front room, and im asking if anyone knows how the trailer is wired for the antenna and what all needs to be connected to make it work...

there is the booster with CABLE and SAT connections on it.... the front room only has ant wire/cables coming out of the wall.... on the outside of the trailer in the area where the dump controls are, there are 4 cable connectors. under the 2 connectors on the rearward outlet plate, its marked 'bedroom sat', but the 2 connectors on the front plate have no marking explaining what they are for.... in addition, there is a short jumper wire connected to one of the connectors with the other end hanging free....

if anyone knows which combination of wires needs to be connected to what, so that the tv can see the signal from the antenna.... im right in the middle of town with great signal from 3 different local stations, but my tv units cant see any of them... thanks for any help you can give..


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Hi Centerline,

The coax from the rooftop antenna goes to the signal booster, which is probably in your bedroom. At the signal booster, the antenna coax is combined with the cable TV coax (the coax connector by itself in the Universal Docking Center (UDC)). The signal booster wall plate has 2 coax connectors: one is for satellite and the other for antenna/cable TV.

When using the antenna, the signal booster must be ON. For cable TV, it must be OFF.

From the signal booster, coax usually runs to the basement pass through storage where you'll find another coax connector that supports watching TV outside. From there it goes to the living room wall plate, where again, there'll be a connector for antenna/cable TV and another for satellite.

In the UDC, the 4 coax connectors in a row are for satellite. There are 2 sets of 2 connectors. One set is for the bedroom and the other for the living room. Of each set, one connector goes to the interior and the other to the roof, where there's pre-wiring for a Winegard Trav'ler Rooftop satellite dish.

To get things figured out, start in the bedroom. Turn the signal booster ON. Use the ceiling crank to raise and aim the antenna toward where you think nearby TV station antennas are located. Range is probably limited to 10 miles.

Connect the wall plate coax connector to the back of a TV. Then on the TV, select Antenna or Over the Air, and do a channel scan.

If you don't have a TV in the bedroom, consider running a coax cable from the bedroom connector to the living room TV. That'll simplify getting started.

If you are close to TV station antennas and get nothing, check your fuse box to see if perhaps the fuse for the signal booster is blown.

Once you get the bedroom working, then try connecting to the living room wall plate.


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Thank you... this information helps a lot... I will get a coax locator and see what all the wires I have are about, and where they go...