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I am new to this rving journey. My return vent is blowing hot air and ac is on. Any ideas?


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I honestly don't know. I just purchased it in June used. I don't remember noticing any heat coming out of it before especially here in Texas. I would have noticed.


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How do you get your auto parts without telling the guy helping you the Make, Model, and year of your vehicle?
We really need to know what brand air conditioner you have, but with the year/brand/model information some other owners reading this might know from THEIR rig what brand/model of air conditioner you have.

Your picture isn't a recognizable RV air conditioning intake vent to me. I have been on tis forum over 12 years, have answered over 5000 posts, and have never heard of your problem, as you describe it. Knowing a typical rooftop RV air conditioner's layout/functioning, I would think that the main fan motor would have to be running backwards to do what you described.

Maybe you need to call a mobile RV tech.


Ok thank you. I'm sorry I'm not very knowledgeable about these things. I thought that picture was ok. I'm a 65 year old lady that is doing this all by myself since my husband passed. Thanks for your advice about that fan going the wrong way. Have a great night!


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That is not a factory vent, looks like previous owner installed to get heat to the basement. If the basement doors are open, you would get hot air from outside coming in.


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Air return vents normally don’t have powered fans in them. If it feels like the air is being pushed out of it, then look in the basement to see if a flexible duct from the furnace has been placed into it.

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The vent you are showing looks like the furnace return vent. It could be that you have the fan setting on the thermostat set incorrectly. Make sure that it is on "auto". Make sure that you do not have the furnace running too. Set the thermostat to "cool". The return for the AC is in the ceiling, for your information.
The furnace return vent just vents air back to the area of the basement. It could be that you feel hot air just coming back from that area.