arctic package?


has anyone really checked into what the arctic package is? I have and I am so dissappointed. There is NO insulation in the front, under the floor, in the garage compartment. The heat reading in the front behind the bed was 183.5 degrees. the only heat strips were on the tanks and they are very small and almost totally worthless. Just wondering what other peoples experiences have been. I'm really pretty anal about things and always want the best, which I thought Heartland was; but I'm really reconsidering my choice.


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I have a bighorn and can tell you for a fact that its worth 15degree difference in front cap/closet compared to dealer stock unit w/o yeti package when trailers were side by side


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Hi pilip,

The Arctic or Yeti package has never to my knowledge ever included anything in the garage of a toy hauler.

It should include radiant foil insulation in front cap of a toy hauler and on some rigs in the slideout flooring. To find the foil and other insulation in the front cap, you would have to remove the closet or remove the front cap. Is that how you determined it's not there?

There should be heat tape on the underbelly section of the fresh water feed line from tank toward pump.

Each holding tank should have a heating pad - maybe 12" x 18" (not a strip unless something has recently changed).

In order to find the heating pads, you would have to take down the coroplast underbelly, remove all insulation, and examine the bottom of the tanks. Is that what you did?

If your rig doesn't have these things, and you actually looked under the cap and into the underbelly, maybe your rig was not actually ordered with that option.


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for the water line mine has a heated cord surrounded by round pipe insulation from pump heading into underbelly to water tank- have not pulled down bottom to verify it goes all the way to tank