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I have not taken possession of my BH yet, so I'm wondering if a detailed assembly manual is available for the different models. Something akin to the model specific auto repair manuals out there. With all of the fixes, renovations, and problems I've read about on these forums, detailed drawings of the structural assemblies/plumbing/HVAC/electrical routing would make life easier. I know with our SOB TT we traded that the owner's manual was almost useless.


Welcome to the real world! Sorry to tell you, no detailed manual available that we are aware of. Many of us have wished for the same thing. Me thinks the designs are changing so quickly that to provide a personalized manual with each unit would be an undaunting task so no one is willing to undertake that responsibility. But, we can still dream. Enjoy the new coach and keep using the forum to find answers to all your questions.

Chuck Richard

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The owners manual for my Big Horn was also nearlyu useless. To me this is one of the weakest point in the Heartland offerings. I love the unit but the manual situation is really poor.

Ray LeTourneau

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The manual we received with our Bighorn is seldom if ever looked at. Very similar to buying a house, we didn't get a manual with that but we did get one for the furnace, water heater etc. Like CJ Wigley said to provide a detailed manual that would include updates, revisions and everything pertinent to a rig would be next to impossible. I agree there are some things that should be better and would have been nice to have. Day/night shade instructions, plumbing and wiring schematics shouldn't be that difficult to include. Like stated many times on this and other forums, to own and maintain an RV you need to be somewhat of a handy man. It sure helps me!


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John, as others have said, I have never had an owners manual that showed how the whole coach was built with any RV I have ever owned. Most of the time they only tell you how things operate. Other than that you have to wing it. When you do your PDI, make them show you everything about the BH. You need to spend a lot of time, take notes and pixs that you can refer to later. My 2cts worth. Bob:D


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Kinda what I was afraid of, no documentation. But I'm fairly handy, myself, and not afraid to get dirty and tinker with stuff. First few excursions will probably find me pulling off panels/covers (when the fish ain't biting) and shooting pictures of what I find.