1. D

    Service manual??

    I know this is probably a dumb question, but I'd really like to get a service manual for my North Trail 21RBSS. Not an owners manual, but a service manual, similar to the Chilton manuals for cars. Anybody know if this exists and where to find it?
  2. M

    MPG Slide Operaration Manually

    There is a closed thread that discusses how to manually operate the slide on an MPG 181. Since that thread is close I thought I would add what I have learned about the topic here. Go to and click on slide Outs; then download and read the four page users manual. The manual contains...
  3. J

    Operation and Service Manuals for Lippert Electra-Hydraulic Leveling System on Landmark

    I have posted 2 PDF files in HOM (Heartland Owners Manuals) for the optional Lippert Electra-Hydraulic Leveling system for Landmark. One of these documents contains pictures of the control panel. Note that these images and sequences may not match up with earlier versions of this system. Jim
  4. S

    manual slide out location

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me WHERE I can find the motor for the slide out on my 29RBSS? It works fine right now but like to have that added insurance just in case it doesn't work electrically. I think I read somewhere we should have some sort of tool to attatch somewhere. We have no tool and no...
  5. L

    What the manual doesn't tell you...

    Being a true rookie with a trailer you have a steep learning curve and one's anxieties don't help either. I started this thread so others can append things they have learned that was not in the manual. We bought our trailer and did the walk through, but it is impossible to remember everything...
  6. J

    HOM - Heartland Owners Manuals

    We launched this feature some time back but not with much fan fare. Recently, it has come to our attention that some users have had trouble with the Manuals page. The Heartland Owners Manuals (HOM) page uses a menu system that "requires" Javascript" be active within your web browser. If you...
  7. lelandpa

    Owners Manual

    We bought our 2009 Northtrail 24RL used and it did not come with the owners manual. Hopefully we will never need it, but it would be nice to have. Any ideas how I could get one? Thanks.
  8. B

    Manual awning

    I have a manual awning on my 3600re. It seems to roll up crooked, meaning it is tight against the side on one end, but is loose on the other. This lets it flop in & out a couple of inches going down the road. Is there an adjustment?
  9. J

    Download a manual for the Half-Time oven here

    Not near your RV but need a copy of the manual for the Apollo Half-Time oven. Didn't get one with your RV? :eek: Download the manual here. Jim
  10. TXBobcat

    Hafler AVR 6000 Manual

    I had someone ask me for a copy of the Hafler AVR 6000 instructions. That is the Entertainment center that was sent to me to replace the Colby system that failed. Well it is not a manual but a piece of paper that measures 13" x 19". I did not have a way to make an electronic copy of the...
  11. wdk450

    Duo-Therm Air Conditioning Service Manual

    Gang: I found the Duo-Therm Service manual here: BTW this Bryant RV site is a treasure trove of other RV appliance manuals.
  12. P

    location for my manual crank access

    where is the access located for the front landing legs and for the slideouts for manual use. 09 BC 2950. thanks
  13. C

    Manual Override on Slide - Where is it? How is it done?

    When I purchased my 2009 Heartland North Country 29RKS, I was told by the dealer that there was a manual override for the superslide. Can you tell me where it is? Is there a special tool for it, or perhaps direct me to a manufacturer of the slide where I might get some info.
  14. M

    Need Help! Manual Crank for Bed Slide 2998RB

    Hello, I can't seem to find the manual crank for the master bed slideout. I looked in the storage compartment. Maybe it's hidden by all the stuff in that front compartment.
  15. AlexSian

    Cradlepoint MBR1000 PDF Manual

    For those of you who bought a Cradlepoint MBR1000 router, CradlePoint has posted a 100 page manual on the MBR1000, you can download it at: The manual is based on firmware 1.3.1 but the information is still very relevant...
  16. JohnDar

    Assembly Manual

    I have not taken possession of my BH yet, so I'm wondering if a detailed assembly manual is available for the different models. Something akin to the model specific auto repair manuals out there. With all of the fixes, renovations, and problems I've read about on these forums, detailed...
  17. JChatt

    North Trail Owners Manual MIA

    We brought our North Trail home this past Friday, the dealer went through a good PDI for us. At home we pulled out our Heartland Owners bag, to go through it, and the "Heartland Owners Manual" is missing. Additionally, our camper does not have the "official" weight sticker posted anywhere. I...
  18. eddysgarage

    Owners Manual 21fsb Shortfall!!

    Essential to all owners are the plumbing, electrical and LP gas engineering diagrams. These should be included in a set attached to the owners manual if a problem occurs when a non-Heartland mechanic troubleshoots a difficulty. As a previous Airstream owner, they were included...... Including...