location for my manual crank access


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Based on my rig, I'd say the manual access for the landing jacks is right above your hydraulic unit in the small compartment on the door side. Look for a hole with a rod in it. As for the slides, I believe you have to remove the motor from the pump unit and attach an electric drill/driver with a square drive extension via the hole in the basement wall.
Owners manual is pretty thin on slide operation and does not address what to do if there is a problem.


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where is the access located for the front landing legs and for the slideouts for manual use. 09 BC 2950. thanks
Look in the compartment where your hydraulic unit is located. The manual access for the front legs should be right above it. As for operating the slides, I believe you need to either remove the rear cover from the pump motor, or remove the entire motor, and insert a square drive extension on an electric drill/driver via the hole in the basement wall. I don't think you can do it by hand.

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wander if its a 3/8 or 1/2 inch drive for drill, yea the manual i got dont go into detail, my 5er is at my sisters so it will be day or two before i can look for my self, just wanted to be prepared if either one failed to retract. thanks

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You should have a crank for the landing gear that came with the trailer. For the hydraulic room slides it is a 1/4 inch hex shaft. I wish they would supply one. It needs to be about 8" long at least on my 3055RL. What I did was get a 6" phillups bit and then use a magnetic extension to get it to reach. I have never needed it but wanted to be prepared. I see you said Sisters and I assume Oregon I am in Monmouth. Good luck and I hope you do not need any manual tools and that all works as it should.


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On the hydraulic reservoir, it says to check the owners manual for manual operation. The Lippert manual is not included in the owner package, it appears, at least not mine. I found them on the Lippert website, however. But looking at my motor, I don't see the label on the rear plate of the motor that they show in there photo, unless the intent is to remove the entire rear plate to access the 1/4" drive recess.

I'd post the file, but I've got my security software on high alert and it won't allow me to attach stuff without turning it off. Here's the website for Lippert. You can find the product manuals here.



Thank you for the post. Everyone on this forum is very helpful.

Each model we assemble has a crank for manual operation for the front and rear jacks.

The correct size is a 1/4" hex key if you are going to use a socket.

You will find the manual front jack overide in the hydraulic compartment, same as the battery, on the door side, just forward of the main compartment. You will find a small hole aprox 3" in the wall just above the hydraulic fluid tank.

Regarding the hydraulic overide, you can find the access in the main compartment, going right into the hydraulic pump (in the compartment above we just mentioned).

We are using the best components available, so you should not expect any failures, however, we leave these access points available just in case.

I hope this helps answer your questions. Thanks.


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I was working on my trailer again today and, using a flashlight, was able to see the label showing the 1/4" hex fitting position on the back of the hydraulic system motor. That is what is shown in the Lippert manuals.

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found it, just got back from the 5er, can you get a 1/4 hex to fit drill, on mine i would have to go through hole in other compartment to get to mine. they pre drilled hole so you can get to it. way to go heartland. thanks for all the info


Yes you can get a long 1/4 allen wrench to fit your cordless drill by buying one, or take a 1/4 allen wrench and cut the l shape off with a hacksaw blade so it will fit your drill.