MPG Slide Operaration Manually

There is a closed thread that discusses how to manually operate the slide on an MPG 181. Since that thread is close I thought I would add what I have learned about the topic here. Go to and click on slide Outs; then download and read the four page users manual. The manual contains info on the manual operation of the slide. There are two ways to operate the slide manually. Remove the panel behind the cabinet door under the sink. It is held on by four screws. You will see the 1/2 inch hex drive shaft. Each end of this shaft has a hex drive on it. The other end of the shaft is under the refrigerator, which is difficult to access because the panel is glued in place. Now that you have access to this hex drive you should be able to follow the directions from Happijac. The directions will ask you to disconnect components from the relay control module. The module can be found by removing the middle panel located under the stove.


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Thanks for your input. It looks like this will be good fodder for a manual in the Tools section.