1. M

    Solved - Interior LED light strip over slide outs

    My 2018 Prowler Lynx 32LX has an LED light strip over the interior fascia of the slide out. Mine have stopped working. I was wondering if anyone has replaced these before and could offer tips as to how to access them and what type of light strip I would need to buy to replace them.
  2. S

    2011 Greystone 33QS Doorside Slide stopped working

    We reinstalled the battery & moved the doorside slide out about a foot to load stuff in the rear of the camper. When we clicked switch to retract it, nothing happened. I verified other 2 slides work, then checked fuses at bottom of inside stairs & all I checked were good. An RV technician I...
  3. M

    New owner and have slide questions.

    Hi, My first camper. it is a new pioneer 2021 with a large slide. When I retract the slide it fits perfectly on the outside, however while retracted i noticed it is more than an inch above the main floor. This is causing a big sag in the slide floor from the weight of the furniture and even one...
  4. A

    2010 Sundance 3300RLB rear slide issues

    hello! We recently(last wednesday) purchased a new to us Sundance. Our rear slide out metal track is catching the flooring and tearing it. I noticed there are what looks like adjustment brackets on the outside of the slide. Can we adjust the slide this way? Also, do we adjust it with the slide...
  5. kaneferris

    Manual Slide Operation

    Are there any North Trail owners out there that have had experience with manually retracting the slide room? I can see what I believe to be the motor one the inside top section right in the middle of the room. Was also given a flexible rod to use with a drill in case of Manual retraction but...
  6. RVFun4Us

    Seam Repair on Top Edge of Slide

    Just noticed that I have a small separation on the top edge of my entertainment slide below the slide topper. Was wondering what would be the best way to repair this? Don't know if I should use a caulk or maybe eternabond tape or something else. Appreciate any feedback.
  7. M

    Schwintek slide help

    My front slide in the bed room is a schwintek. It’s a small slide containing the closet. It is out of sync at the bottom. The top closes fine but the bottom has a 1.5” gap when closed. In the closed position from inside the RV you can see the slide is leaning forward. I counted teeth on the...
  8. C

    Living Room Slide 'popped' and now won't travel straight.

    Just as we were turning the slides out to unload from vacation, I heard a "pop, pop, pop" and realized something was jamming the LR slide. Sure enough. A drawer under the refrigerator had come out during travel and was blocking the slide on one end. We brought the slide back in, removed the...
  9. A

    2015 cyclone interior trim popped off in bedroom

    We are buying a cyclone. The previous owner had a drawer that was open in the bedroom when the slide was moving and it popped the slide trim off one side. They have ordered and received from heartland, how do I reattach the trim? Thank you. This is our first Heartland rig. Amy
  10. A

    Slide issues one side motor not working

    I have a problem 2017 have not camped in it yet. It's a 3750FL front left slide front motor not working. I checked motor sync module have a code motor 1 wire Short. I checked the wiring under couch and anything I can see in the front compartment. Can't get the room in. Help.
  11. M

    Brand new owner - Trail Runner 27ODK questions

    Hi everyone! I recently purchased a new Trail Runner 27ODK (2016 model but new). I'm taking it out for the first trip this weekend but it is winterized and I have a question about de-winterizing the water heater. What are the best steps to take? I assume the tank is located behind a...
  12. Lizabeth

    Cable snapped on slide out!

    We own a 2016 Heartland Wilderness2750RL and the main cable to the slide out snapped when we put it out today. We called the CW dealer we bought it from and it is covered under warranty. We are basically stuck where we are until #1 - we can find some slide "locks", #2 - we can get the slide...
  13. Erika

    Pros / Cons of adding awning over slide?

    Hey folks, I just finally resolved a slide floor problem related to rain water leaking in and destroying the floor board of my living room (door side) slide out. Had the whole floor board replaced, under warranty. Repair guys claim they can't definitively find where water may have leaked in...
  14. S

    Bedroom Slide does not slide out or in

    Friends, I have a Landmark Savannah and is less than two years old. I set up the camper today and the bedroom slide will not extend. I can hear noise such as the motor but the slide doesn't move. I spoke to the dealer who sold us the RV and believes the cabling system may be defective or...
  15. M

    Slide stops and starts

    I have a Big Country 3450 and the dining room slide stops several times moving in and out. The slide will stop, I will wait for 5 seconds then push the button again, the slide will move about a foot before stopping again. this will happen several times on each cycle. they are hydraulic slides...
  16. L

    09 Cyclone 3914 issue w/active slide system

    We just recently purchased this toy hauler and when extending the bedroom slide the top cable pulled free. We recently had the seals replaced at a shop and they said the slide had come off the track and they put it back on. Has anyone else experienced this issue where one of the two top brackets...
  17. R

    '08 Cyclone 4012 What does slide "slide" on?

    Hello. I have an 08 cyclone 4012. The dinette slide (curb side) has given us some trouble with gouging the floor. We use those removable slide strips to keep from gouging the new floor. I have looked at the thread... ... that...
  18. M

    MPG Slide Operaration Manually

    There is a closed thread that discusses how to manually operate the slide on an MPG 181. Since that thread is close I thought I would add what I have learned about the topic here. Go to and click on slide Outs; then download and read the four page users manual. The manual contains...
  19. S

    Replacing Slide Out Seals

    I'm looking to keep my cyclone in great shape. Upon a maintenance check I noticed that the closet slide out's outer seal should be replaced before it fails. The trim piece holding the seal in place is the problem. I do not want to force it off and do damage to it. Is there a proper way to...
  20. brlr2000

    Living Room Slide crushes carpet

    Does anyone have advice on how to adjust the slides to stop the carpet from being crushed when the slide is in? I assume that I should raise both front and back adjustments, but it really didn't seem to make much of a difference. It's also important that the gaskets are making good contact on...
  21. D

    Rubber Seal for Slide needed. Where to purchase?

    I am needing a Bedroom Slide Bottom Outside Rubber Seal for my 2009 Sundance 3300SK. Can anyone tell me Where to get one/ how to order one and roughtly how much it will cost me? I sent Service@Heartland an Email last Sunday but I've yet to get a reply back. Im going to make a trip in the near...
  22. S

    how to adjust the electric slide to seal when closed?

    I have a 2008 Cyclone 3010 Travel Trailer with one slide. When closed, the roof contacts first which I believe to be normal. The slide seals along the top while closing very well. Then the bottom pulls in several inches after the top makes contact. However, the front of the slide on the...
  23. S

    Slide floor separating from slide side wall!

    3 days after sitting in my driveway loading it, noted the SLIDE FLOOR was separating from the SLIDE WALL when retracted! Ouch. You can see the aluminum U channel still attached to the slide floor with the wall lifting up over an inch or more! Dealer took it in to fix since it came with a 30 day...
  24. S

    manual slide out location

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me WHERE I can find the motor for the slide out on my 29RBSS? It works fine right now but like to have that added insurance just in case it doesn't work electrically. I think I read somewhere we should have some sort of tool to attatch somewhere. We have no tool and no...
  25. S

    Slide out awning?

    Need a slide out awning for a 3010 TRAVEL TRAILER. Factory purchase? Go after market? Thanks.
  26. bigbird272

    New 3580 and the slide fix.

    O.K. you guys. I went to the dealer today to speak to them about my concerns. The trailer we are buying has been sitting on the lot for almost a year. There were no issues with the slide but I am getting them to put the plastic molding on the bottom of all the slides. I saw three trailer on...
  27. S

    Leak in Kitchen Slide

    I bought a Sundance 3300SK in Spring of 2009. Upon return from a trip late in the year I found water in the bottom drawer of the Kitchen Slide, to the right of the stove. Thinking it might be from the refrigerator I checked the fridge drian, etc and cleaned and dried the area. The water is on...
  28. J

    Slide flooring delaminating

    Has anyone had a problem with the exterior plywood under the Off Doorside and Doorside slides delaminating?:confused: I'm very concerned that I won't be able to open the slides once I've closed them. :( The delamination is quite extensive to our 2009-3370RL.
  29. goldenbetty

    Slide Toppers

    We have the 3055 BH. The slide topper over the dinette/LR, isn't as tight as the other toppers since we bought it. How can that be tightened?
  30. D

    Slide leak

    Hello! Well, we are new to the forum and looking to you experienced owners for information! We purchased our 2950 RK Big Country last month. It has been parked outside while we've been loading essentials and testing everything out. Yesterday we noticed the carpet was soaked in the bedroom...
  31. 2010augusta

    Slide Awning Draining Idea.

    This is not really a modification to the trailer just a "new" use for an existing part. With the rainy season here in the Northwest, we have have to find a way to drain the water the pools on top of the largest slide awning. I noticed that if I let the awning relax and drupe a bit the water...
  32. I

    TANGO with a new kitchen slide ??

    Well I'll be. Just like adding a second bathroom in a 30 foot trailer. A waste of space. My opionion only but kind of neat. you can not see the slide setup from inside trailer. and cannot access fridge, MW, or anything and if not parked on level site, will need a ladder for upper...
  33. 4ever

    Slide outs not working

    What am I doing wrong? On Saturday my slide outs were working just fine. We opened them and loaded some items for our upcoming trip leaving this weekend and then closed them back up. Just now I went to open them again and nothing. I hit the switch for extend and retract and nothing happens. The...
  34. T

    ugly slide outs

    I have a 2010 3300RLB, and my slide outs are ugly. let me explain... the mastic which is used in assembling the slide outs is sticking to the inner wiper seal when the slide out is in the open position. when in the open position, the inner seal rests right against the seam where the mastic...
  35. D

    Slide Problems

    We brought our brand new Heartland Landmark Oakmont 2010 5th wheel yesterday - went through the unit completely for a 2nd time with the dealer, all went well, got it home and can only get 4 of the 5 slides OUT and 3 of the 4 that ARE OUT won't come back in. Anyone have any similar issues and...
  36. S

    Slide leaking 3612 Razor

    I am having a problem with the front slide leaking while it is closed. From all appearances, it is tight against the body when closed. the gaskets all appear to be in good condition - no tears, etc. There is no sign of moisture at the top or sides. I noticed the problem last week when I opened...
  37. plumberdude

    CY 3914 Modification plan in Slide Out

    We would like to remove existing seating area and install two lazyboy recliners and small end table. Does anyone know if this would be to heavy for the slide out? We have no idea how much weight any of the slide outs hold? Thanks Pat
  38. S

    Slide Seals Leak When Towing

    I have a 2009 Bighorn 3410RE. My wife and I enjoy the trailer. When we tow for long days, we are finding that going inside after the day's travel, we find exhaust soot, or heavy dust, coating the carpets and counter tops in the rear of the trailer. Has anyone had similar issues?:confused:
  39. ejered

    Cyclone 3912 Slide issues

    I believe something is wrong with my kitchen slide (ods side). I am very mechanically inclined and am wondering if anyone has had the same problem or issue or knows what could have happened or where to start. It seems as if the ODS Side Kitching Slide Out is only being driven why the front...
  40. SJH

    Slide Seals

    Hello! Well, we are new to the forum and looking to you experienced owners for information! We started RVing only 5 years ago with a 30ft Springdale 5th wheel. Our only regret was waiting until nearly age 60 to start the adventures! Anyway, we recently sold the Springdale and are looking to...