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We brought our North Trail home this past Friday, the dealer went through a good PDI for us. At home we pulled out our Heartland Owners bag, to go through it, and the "Heartland Owners Manual" is missing. Additionally, our camper does not have the "official" weight sticker posted anywhere. I searched the inside of all the cabinets and doors, but there is no sticker on this camper.
Can the Heartland Factory please mail me the owners manual, and the weight sticker for my camper!! I would like to fill out and return all the warranty paperwork promptly. I can affix the weight sticker to the inside of the kitchen cabinet where it belongs.
I am assuming that there is a record of the delivered weight on file at the factory, so it shouldn't be a problem.
Please let me know ASAP.

Thank you so much for your assistance,



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The new stickers are on the side of door edge of the screen door of main entrance door. yellow in color.
They moved them on the new models
I have a 31qbs and love the unit.
Happy camping NEXT SPRING, of if you get out before spring


Thanks for the info, found it, and it shows the cargo capacity, and fresh water weight. I guess I am used to the stickers with my previous campers showing all the weights including the shipping weight of the camper itself, with AC, LP tanks, etc..
Thanks for your help, it is very much appreciated.
I still need the Heartland Owners Manual......


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Jan and John,

My understanding is that the RVIA (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association) mandated the new locations of the weight stickers. You'll find another sticker on the off door side of the coach with other weights.

As for the manual, please contact Customer Service today at 877-262-8032 and ask them to mail you one.

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Thank you to all for the information it is very much appreciated. This forum is a great resource for all.

John :)


I did call the factory two weeks ago, was transferred to Gary, and I left a voicemail for Gary requesting a manual. I still haven't got it.
I would much prefer to have the factory original rather than download several pages from the internet and staple together.
Jim would you please check with Gary for me?




North Trail 24rl 5ver

Is there any reason why the 24rl doesn't have bigger tanks? The gray/black/fresh tanks seems small for a family of 4 for a weekend or longer. Can a customer order bigger tanks? Keep up the great work building an excellent product.


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Please be patient with the factory - they have been at the Tampa RV show and should be getting back to Elkhart this coming week.


We here at Heartland try to give you more features at the same cost as our competitors......When looking at the 24RL and the competition we thought the tanks were right......We also review our spec's and if a change is needed we will discuss that....At this point we can't do any special orders for tanks....
Thanks for your question