1. B

    Just ordered our North Trail 21fbs

    Hello All, We went to the Kansas City RV Show this weekend, just to look of course. We already have a 2007 High wall pop-up camper. We first saw the heartland edge m21, and really liked it (our friends bought one). The North Trail was tucked back in a corner, and we almost missed it. We...
  2. K

    Shopping for North Country 27BHS

    Hello! My Wife, Lisa, and I are currently shopping for the 27BHS. Pretty exciting process. We're hoping to make an offer on Wednesday or Thursday. So you may see a pretty excited new member posting pictures all the time soon. We sold our Flagstaff pop-up a year ago so everything about this...
  3. 5

    North from Calif to Washington

    We are finally preparing to make our move from California to Washington. Final destination is to be Yakima, but with the cold weather I'm considering parking DW in the Seattle area until end of Feb so we don't have to deal with freezing pipes. There's also going to be a couple of week we'll be...
  4. R

    North Trail 26rk - How to carry bikes?

    I am looking at purchasing a North Trail 26rk and was making sure it is a good unit. It looks like it will serve my purpose very well and the quality seems to be there. The problem that I have is that we want to cart around 4 mountain bikes, on the trailer, or potentially 2 kayaks with 4...
  5. hddcyclone

    North Dakota in December. Brrrr.....

    Thought I'd post some pics of my 3010 all skirted in here in Beulah, North Dakota. It hasn't been above 10 degrees in over a week and I'm surprised how warm I'm staying. I'm glad that Heartland gave me good enough insulation and heat to stay out of the motels since thats why I bought it!
  6. 2010augusta

    North Trail in Gig Harbor

    Well today a couple pulled in next to us with a North Trail TT, said it was only their 3rd trip out, as the last two they had leaks and had to head home before they wanted to. Seem like nice people. I'll have to tell them about the forum next time I see them.
  7. J

    Rally location ideas - 2012

    Hello all, Do you think it's too early to begin planning a 2012 rally? Not for me :) Our North American Heartland Owners Rally is held "on-the-road" every other year on the even-numbered years. 2012 is no exception. This thread serves two purposes. First, as a long-term reminder to those...
  8. J

    Early discussion - Goshen, Indiana - June 15-19, 2011

    Our North American Heartland Owners Rally is held "back home" in Elkhart county every other year on the odd-numbered years. 2011 is no exception. This thread serves as a long-term reminder to those interested, that the 2011 North American Heartland Owners Rally will be held in the City of...
  9. K

    Looking for North Country model number

    About 6 months ago we found a 2009 Heartland North Counrty camper that had the rear living space with the 2 chairs and that I could tow with my GMC Acadia (4700 towing). For the life of me I can't remember the model number! Any help will be greatly appreciated! K
  10. I

    Can find more info on The North Trailer units

    As we have a North Trail Owners Forum: It is a forum for (NT owners and any links posted on this forum may not link properly) if not a member. But as a guest you will be able to view some posts and be able to gather some information on the unit themselves "Forum was started by Mark, from...
  11. B

    North Trail and Landmark I90 in Ohio

    Sunday saw a beautiful north trail on I-90 west bound about 11:40 it was towed by an black four letter word that starts with an F that my momma wont let me say. Then about 10 minutes later say a Landmark being towed by a much nicer tan GMC.
  12. R

    North Georgia Mountains - Trackrock!

    Trackrock Campgrounds & Stables is where I first came to visit on a regular basis but now I am a Work-Camper! (I never want to leave!!!) I have finally set-up a Facebook page for pictures with interactivity for all that pass this way to see what a gem this privately owned 310 acre paradise this...
  13. T

    New North Trail 31RLSS

    A few months ago hubby and I decided to go full-time and purchased a 31RLSS. Our apartment lease was ending, so we sold everything and made plans to move. We have been in the trailer for a week now and absolutely love it. The dog and cat have adjusted well. We have appreciated all of the...
  14. nrps

    2010 Heartland North Country 26 SRL

    2010 Heartland North Country 26 SRL At Work.... At Play....
  15. timdebs

    North Carolina Chapter Heartland Owners

    I just sent out a private message (PM) to all the North Carolina Heartland Owners that Heartland has in their data base. If you are a NC Heartland Owner and did not receive a letter then please let me know. I have changed my email address to or you can PM me. A Fall 2010 NC...
  16. F

    My North Trail

  17. C

    Hello from a new North Country owner!!

    Hey all... Just wanted to drop a line because we're excited new Heartland North Country 26BH owners... just picked up a new 2010. This is our 8th new camper since 2001, (don't ask lol) and it is by far the most well made. Are there any rallies in my area? NY / PA / CT, etc. Thanks and...
  18. B

    Sundance on I-71 North

    Sundance 5th in Ohio going north on I-71 just north of Rt 30 Friday 10-9 about 4:30
  19. H

    North Trail Sighting I 77 in NC

    Saw a North Trail heading south on I 77 yesterday afternoon. It was located between Statesville and Mooresville. Only caught a quick glimpse of it; enough to see there was a window at the rear & the NT graphics.
  20. davebennington

    North Carolina Chapter Leader/Wagon Master

    Well now it is official we have a brand new and for the first time a North Carolina Chapter Leader/Wagon Master Tim Fodrie (timdebs). Tim has agreed to take on the position of Chapter Leader/Wagon Master for North Carolina, Soooooo all you North Carolina folks step up and lend him all the...
  21. J

    North Trail Sighting - Marengo, Illinois - 27-Sept-2009

    I was on US-20 West off I-90 near Marengo, IL when I spotted a TT ahead of me turning onto Harmony road - same as me. Got closer and it was North Trail. Nice shiny new one too :) Turns out, they were headed to my home CG. Met up with them later. Nice folks - Ernie and Wanda Friesen from...
  22. I

    New model for North Trail
  23. medic9016

    New North Trail outside entertainment center

    When are some pictures of the new North Trail with the outside entertainment center going to show up on the Heartland website? I can't wait to see the floor plan, I have only seen a few outside pictures on the internet. Great job Heartland and North Trail.
  24. JohnDar

    Heading North again

    We'll be heading back up to our rig at Indian River, MI, on Thursday for the last time this season. So far, the weather forecasts don't look too bad, so there'll be some time out on the lakes before we pack it up, winterize, and haul it home next week. Hopefully, the repair tech up there will...
  25. nrps

    2010 Heartland North Country 26 SRL

    2010 Heartland North Country 26 SRL / 2001 Dodge Ram 3500 Dually Diesel........... First Trip 8/18/09 and a very nice TT for sure, pulls really nice...........* My first TT * Happy Camper Jeff
  26. F

    North Trail FX21

    I currently own a 2001 Kiwi 21c, but am considering an upgrade and really like the FX21. It's about the same size and weight as my Kiwi and should suit my wife and I fine, but I am finding little information on it. The Heartland brochure only has floorplans, no pictures, and not much...
  27. J

    TV wal mount in 21FBS North Trail

    I want to mount a 26" TV using a wall mount. I would like to know the thickness of the wall between the TV station and bathroom. Thanks JOEGIANNINA
  28. J

    North Trail FX-22?

    To all Heartland product designers, engineers and marketing personnel: Please make me a North Trail FX-22! I have looked at the FX floorplans and the Edge floorplans. They seem pretty similar except for frame and exterior construction. There is and FX-13 to Edge's M13, an FX-18/M18, and...
  29. S

    Prospective Owner - Possibly North Country 27 BHS

    Hello, We went looking at the North Country line this past weekend and I really liked what I saw. It seems they have a quality product. We very much liked the 27 BHS and am looking for current owners and their experiences with it (any problems?). Owners of other models can chime in too...
  30. nrps

    Hi, just joined the form and the North Country family.....

    Hi, just joined the form and the North Country family..... Just came home with a new 2010 North Country 26 SLR with the big back window and love it, my truck for pulling is a 2001 Dodge 3500 1 Ton Dually (80,000 miles on it). This is my first time owning a TT. I just turned 56 years old and...
  31. Z

    Considering North Trail 22FDS

    I am new to this forum. I am considering this unit. I do not know a thing about Heartland or North Trail. I have been using a tt for about 3 years. Is this a quality product? Anyone experienced any major problems? Roof problems..etc. Thanks
  32. W

    Cyclone spotted I81 north

    Passed my Cyclone on someone elses truck:p! Sunday late morning. I81 northbound around 191mile post, Dickson City exit in Pa. Maroon TV
  33. ucwinters

    Slide on North Trail 21 FBS

    Hoping to buy a 21 FBS when my ALiner sells. Was wondering about the actuating unit for the slide. Is it a cable-assisted slide mechanism or does it use a hydraulic pump to turn a screw drive? Thanks, Ed W.
  34. N

    North Country Water Heater

    So we've taken out our new North Country 27BHS a couple of times so far and absolutely love it! We have figured everything out with one exception...the hot water heater. We can hear it turn on, but no hot water will come out. We've looked in the manuals and there is very limited information...
  35. M

    2010 North Trail 28 BRS

    Does anybody have one of the new North Trail 28 BRS? Ours will be built next week, and I am curious if anybody has any pictures or comments about this unit. Thanks in advance for your input!:) Montana Campers :D
  36. B

    21 FBS Heartland North Trail Converter - What model.

    Can someone please tell me the "Brand Name" and the "Model Number" of the converter box that is installed in a North Trail 21 FBS Trailer? Thank you. Billy Winters
  37. M

    Finally got our North Trail 26RKS

    Hello all, My wife and I just got back from picking up our 2009 NT 26RKS from Great Lakes RV.:) We got a pretty good deal and only had an issue with the aluminum wheels (which were supposed to be there and weren't). They had the right wheels installed and the only issue now is that the lug...
  38. C

    New Members from up north

    Hello everyone, I'd like to introduce myself and hope this is the appropriate forum to do so. My name is Colin Cornwall, and my wife's name is Catherine. We live in Alaska and are soon-to-be new Heartland owners (we have narrowed our decision down to either the new Edge M19 or M18 and just have...
  39. N

    North Trail 28rls

    Anyone out there have a North Trail 28rls? Is so, are you happy with your unit? We have a Jayco currently that we are thinking about trading in for the North Trail.
  40. M

    MSRP of North Trails?

    Hello! We are most impressed with the North Trail, but my nearest dealer is far away. I want to get some idea of price before we go. Where can we get MSRP info on all the North Trail models? Thanks!