1. Emeup

    North Trail Sightings

    We were coming home from RV hunting from Albany, NY area and seen several North Trail TT's going South on I-87 aka Northway, while heading back North to Crown Point, Upstate NY. I was jealous! :p Dh was my navagator he just laughed. Then the next am while I was sitting using laptop to look up...
  2. H

    North Trail TT

    We are prospective owners......have discovered that bed platform is made of particle board (vs. plywood). What other parts are made of particle board? Also, does anyone have an 09 model with tires other than Mission?? Thanks for your comments.
  3. H

    North Trail 26RKS

    We continue to study Heartland products seeking just the right TT. Does anyone know if the bathroom has a window in it? Can't recall after seeing so many units. Also, how do owners like the rear kitchen? Thanks for any info on this model!
  4. 4 fun and 4 free

    New 09 North Trail 31QBS

    We just Ordered our new 31QBS yesterday, We were told of some new fetures. 1) Diamond plate up front, 2) Water Heatres now will be LP/Electric, and 3) Graprics are goint to be different. We are excited about all three, but when we asked what the grapics will look like all we were told was we...

    Newbie North Trail Owners

    Well we took the plung ! as of 5/24/08 we are the Proud Owners of a 21FBS North Trial. After Hours of research and Driving to many dealers we purchased our BABYNone From BEST BUY RVS in Richmond In. I found the one we wanted online, called Jeff Fontaine and told him the price we would pay for...
  6. 4 fun and 4 free

    New Graphics for the North Trail

    We Just ordered our North Trail, We requested the quote from the factory just last week. But when my dealer made the order today. They said that we would get the new 09. Which includes diamond plate on the front of the trailer, and a new exterior graphic package. When we asked what it would look...
  7. happycampernc

    questioned about North Trail

    On thursday as we were coming back to the campground we were asked if we like the North Trail and I told them that we love it. The lady said that they were looking at getting one because they liked the lay out of the North Trail. I wish that I had time to tell them to come to this forum and...
  8. 4 fun and 4 free

    bike racks for North Trail

    We are new to the North trail, Just three weeks ago we had a 04 Dodge Durango and a 30' Kodiak. Lost a tire and we lost it all. Insurance has been good to us and we are looking to get a North Trail. We had a roof top Bike rack on the Durango. Now we have a Escalade and it looks like the roof...