1. C

    entertainment table

    I made a removable table for the DVD, VCR, satellite receiver
  2. G

    Anyone own a North Trail 26RKS ?

    We are considering the purchase of a North Trail 26RKS Travel Trailer. We would like some feed back from owners of same. We are looking at 2008 thru 2010 model years. Does anyone know if there are any major differences in the model years with reference to features and options and more...
  3. B

    Heartland North Trail 21FBS

    Has anyone ever had their "Slide out" fail to operate? If so, how do you get the slide out to go out or back in if the motor fails? I was told to take off the top panel and use a hand drill along with the tool that was sent with the trailer to get the slike out to work. My other question is...
  4. B

    Heartland North Trail 21FBS

    Just bought a new (2010) North Trail 21FBS travel trailer and so far I just love it. My question is who out there also owns a 21 FBS and what if any problems have you experienced with it? One thing I don't like about the trailer is where the spare tire is located (underneath the trailer...
  5. B

    EQ hitch for North Country

    Has anyone found an EQ hitch that works well with a North Country . The coupler is mounted under the frame instead of the top.Having trouble finding an EQ that will work.
  6. C

    Frame Size for North Country's

    I am going to buy the Reese HP Dual Cam sway control to add to my Reese WD hitch. I have a 2010 North Country and was wondering if anyone had the thickness of the box frame handy? I would go measure mine but it's in the shop having a bunch of warranty work done on it. I know the HP Dual Cam...
  7. E

    Just added a panel to my North Trail 28BHS

    Over the weekend I installed the first stage of my solar power project for our trailer. I plan to add an inverter and possibly another panel if needed down the road. It was a lot of work to get it in properly but I think it turned out nice. And I get to say I did it myself which is always good...
  8. boatto5er

    North Trail 5er

    Saw a north bound North Trail 5er on I-95 near mile marker 161 at around 12:50 pm today. Wasn't moving too fast - welcome to Northern Virginia traffic!
  9. J

    EVENT: Heartland International Rally: TN, Nashville * - 7/15/2010 to 07/18/2010

    2626 Music Valley Drive,Nashville, TN 37214 Venue: ------------------------------ Nashville KOA 2626 Music Valley Drive Nashville, TN 37214 615-889-0286 Pets ok?: Yes - No Fee WiFi available: Yes - Free Details: ------------------------------ From...
  10. mdmddouglas

    New Owner of North Country 26BH

    We are new to the site. Everything looks great. There is a lot of useful information here. This is our first travel trailer and we are looking forward to using this weekend. We hope to make a trip to Bull Shoals and do a little fishing while we are there. I know my wife and kids are...
  11. Z

    Rear Ladder for 2010 North Trail 28RLS

    I've left a voice-mail but thought I'd "put it in writing". Hopefully this is where this should be. If not please redirect. First of all I must say that this is a tremendous site. Although I've only posted once on a question regarding the storage of the sewer hose, I've gleaned lots of ideas...
  12. M

    1/2 ton trk pulling north trail 21fbs

    I'm in the process of purchasing a north trail 21fbs. I'm having an equalizer sway hitch installed and I will be pulling it with a 2006 chevy k1500 4wd crew cab truck. Will I have any problems pulling it with my truck and does the sway bar really help. As you can see i'm a little apprensive...
  13. T

    Looking for our 1st TT...Sundance or North Trail?

    We've been searching the internet and local dealers for a while now. It's very overwhelming to say the least. Yesterday, we found a NT 31QBS and fell in LOVE. After coming home and researching it, we also found the Sundance 310QB that appears to be the exact same thing, but lower price. Any...
  14. M

    north trail 21fbs vs. edge m21

    I've been asking about the edge m21, but in my research, i'm liking the heartland north trail 21fbs...i really like the stand up shower in the bathroom and it also has a half time oven, where as the edge has no oven and tub/shower in the bathroom. It seems that i may get more for the money in...
  15. JChatt

    North Trail Hybrid

    I just saw this: Is this for real? This too?
  16. I

    Big Horn spotted north bound in Montana

    White Dodge leading the way, about 10 miles north of Butte this afternoon on I-15. Nice looking pair!
  17. J

    REGISTER for the 2009 North American Heartland Owners Rally!

    <table class="pbrROL"><tbody><tr><td> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><script type="text/javascript">var so = new SWFObject('', 'widget', '300', '115', '8'...
  18. 2010augusta

    North to Alaska. ... But how to get there?

    My wife and I are planning to go to Alaska this summer or next (probably next year). We wanted to know about ferrying the rig north vs. driving the Alaskan Highway. Anyone else ever done either? Pro and Cons of each? Cost of trip? Time to drive it?
  19. J

    2010 North Country MSRP (12/17/08)

    Attached is 2010 Model Year North Country and North Country XLT trailer MSRP. Jim
  20. J

    North Trail MSRP

    Attached is the most recent MSRP for North Trail. Jim
  21. C

    Hitch Height for 29RKS

    Can anyone provide some contact information at Heartland who can advise what the factory spec height for the hitch on a 2010 North Country 29RKS is? Thanks in advance.
  22. T

    North Trail 5th Wheel

    How come there is no section for North Trail 5th Wheels? They get lost when included in Travel Trailers where they are now. Are all of the 5th wheels so different that they all could not be included under one major heading and then breakout to various components, tow vehicles electronics...
  23. dakotakid

    North Trail 28bh 5ver

    The wife and I are looking at a 2009 28bh to replace our 24ft TT. Im wanting to know if there is anyboby else on here with one? How do you like it, does it pull well, build quality? We have a 2004 2500 Dodge with the hemi and 3.73 gears. We live in Kansas so not a lot of big hills but we do...
  24. Electricman

    New North Trail in Massachussetts

    Hello everyone, I am proud to be the new owner of a Heartland RV. Our new 2009 North Trail 28BHS is currently Sitting in in our driveway waiting for the spring to come. This is our second tt, our first was a 2005 Layton 248 Lite. I have only towed the North Trail from the dealer to my driveway...
  25. T

    Considering a 31QBS North Trail TT

    Hello. My wife and I have 5 children, including a 5 month old, and so sleeping arrangements are a big issue for us. The 31QBS looks like it may fit the bill well for us. We will be towing with a 2006 1/2 ton Suburban. One question I have - does the 2nd booth dinette beneath the overhead bunk...
  26. B

    North Trail 22fds

    Hi everyone, Ive been reading the forum for a while and found a lot of great info.But I have not seen much about the 22fds.We like the floor plan, just wish it was little a bigger.Due to the limits of our daughters Excursion (gtw 6100lbs.) and the fact that we will tow with it when the grand...
  27. C

    North Country TT

    I am searching for my next travel trailer and came across the North Country 29RKS and love it. Can anyone who owns one or one of the other North Country models give me some insight into them? I know prices can't be posted but I think if you PM me with the info, can you tell me what you paid...
  28. Sam Marcum

    North Trails 2009 21 FBS in Virginia

    Delightful :) ............who does RV'ing in the Winter in a North Trails?
  29. S

    North Trail 31 QBS Towing

    I am considering a North Trail 31 QBS. I have a 2005 Nissan Frontier to tow it with. The truck info says it will tow it. Does anyone have any concerns about this plan?
  30. trdeal

    Heartland North Country

    Good Sunday morning everyone. I got my December issue of Trailer Life on Saturday and saw the Heartland North Country TT on the cover.Good looking unit. Just wanted to pass that along. Everyone have a great day.
  31. J

    Sundance TT versus North Trail

    Hi all, This is a first post for me. We are considering a North Trail 31QBS or a Sundance 310. They are the same floor plan. Which is one of the best for people with kids I have seen. Any how, my question is what is the difference between the two labels, if any? Also, I have been talking to...
  32. J

    info on 5th wheel north trail?

    any news on the 5th wheel heartland -new this year? can it b towed by 1/2 ton truck ???
  33. JChatt

    North Trail Owners Manual MIA

    We brought our North Trail home this past Friday, the dealer went through a good PDI for us. At home we pulled out our Heartland Owners bag, to go through it, and the "Heartland Owners Manual" is missing. Additionally, our camper does not have the "official" weight sticker posted anywhere. I...
  34. K

    A Few North Trail Suggestions of My Own

    Here's a few I'm thinking of. Some of them I will add, and due to time being short, I'd have considered these options, if they were available, leaving me more time for other things. 1) Factory-Mounted Surge Guard 2) Power Shore Connection (Twist & Lock Type) 3) LED Tail and Clearance Lights...
  35. JChatt

    New North Trail 21FBS

    Hello everyone, We went through the typical stages, our first camper was a Palomino PopUp, followed by a Rockwood Roo Hybrid. While browsing the internet, I saw a SunValley Bridgeport, liked the layout, it had a slide, and looked large for a 24' camper, best of all it was within my perceived...
  36. K

    Anybody Mount a SurgeGuard in their North Trail?

    Has anybody mounted a SurgeGuard in their North Trail yet? We have a 31BHD, and it looks like the room behind the converter may be limited. I mounted the same SurgeGuard in our last Jayco, and installed it with “peek holes” through the paneling so I could monitor the L.E.D.’s. I intend on...
  37. K

    Cheap Fans in North Trails

    I can't figure out for the live of me why Heartland builds such a nice trailer, but insists on providing such a junk bathroom fan. We rely on our Fantastic fan in our current trailer's bathroom to ventthe entire trailer, which it does extremely well. The fan in the 31BHD we are currently going...
  38. K

    2009 North Trail 31BHD Upgrades

    We are purchasing a new 2009 31BHD this week, but it looks like it does not have the diamond plate or the dual service hot water heater. The unit may have the updated graphics, though. Does anybodu know if Heartland have our dealer install the diamond plate and gas/electric hot water heater...
  39. Fordsd250

    North Trail next door

    Hello All, My DW and I have been stayig here at the Pensacola NAS RV park for the last week, and yesterday while we were out, a very nice looking North Trail parked in the spot next to us. Have not seen anyone yet, but will try to meet the owners. This RV park is really nice and real close...
  40. CampingJunkie

    North Trail TT sighting on I-77 in NC/SC today

    I was heading home today from Charlotte, NC on our way home from our weekend camping trip. The North Trail was being towed by a truck and I think it was a 21 footer or so. They were heading the opposite direction on a four lane interstate with a 20 foot median between us. I raised my hand to...