2010 Heartland North Country 26 SRL


2010 Heartland North Country 26 SRL / 2001 Dodge Ram 3500 Dually Diesel...........

First Trip 8/18/09 and a very nice TT for sure, pulls really nice...........* My first TT *

Happy Camper Jeff


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2010 North Country

Wow, that looks great! I didn't realize NC had a real living room. Our 2010 NC has the front kitchen and walk through bath. What kind of floor plan is yours?


How do you like cooking in your L-shaped kitchen? We have the 26BH and our kitchen is in a straight line. With two of us chopping and mixing, ours works well, but we are thinking of moving up to the 30' model and it's kitchen is on an angle.
Does the extra room of the slide really help in the kitchen?
We cooked a real Thanksgiving dinner a couple of weeks ago parked in one of our favorite campgrounds.
HI, I have the same tt and im planning on towing it with a 2009 chev silverodo 1500 extended cab 4 door with sway bars. Will I have a problem towing this 26SRL. I have a Z85handling/trailering suspention. Do I need to upgrade MY suspention? Im new at towing . I THANK YOU IN ADVANCE


My 26SRL fully loaded, water, propane, food, and anything that we may need sits at 7,600 lbs. to 7,800 lbs. Dry it's 6,225 lbs.