1. D

    2010 North Trail 26 RK 5th Wheel

    Hi Folks, Just purchased a 2010 North Trail 26 RK 5th Wheel. I'm coming from a Nash and was looking for an Arctic Fox 27-5 but nothing used within reasonable distance. I found this NT 26 RK and it was in great shape for a reasonable price so I jumped on it. I know the quality and construction...
  2. H

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: VA, Broadway - 8/27/2010 to 8/29/2010

    12480 Mountain Valley Rd, Broadway, VA 22815 Venue: ------------------------------ Harrisonburg/Shenandoah Valley KOA 12480 Mountain Valley Rd Broadway, VA 22815 Do not call the KOA directly http://www.koa.com/where/VA/46140/ Pets ok?: Yes Pet Fee: $0 WiFi available: Yes WiFi Fee: $0...
  3. Bob&Patty

    Socal spring rally for 2010

    I need to get the ball rolling for a spring rally. The Pechanga Casino and Resort seems to have most of the things people like at a rally. There is the Casino, golf course at the Casino, wine country, and old town Temcula with all the stores. I was thinking about the middle of April or maybe...
  4. J

    Jim's 2010 Texas Trip

    I've been sighting a new Landmark Grand Canyon since Saturday. Mine! I am on my way to Texas. Here's my trip summary: Follow me on Facebook Saturday (6-Feb): Left Chicago area around 9:30 am. Drove 287 miles to the Granite City, IL KOA in the St. Louis area. Ken and Kathy S (katkens and...
  5. ziggy

    2010 Oregon Rally Funding

    Please enter your opinions in the poll concerning what the best way to cover costs of the rally would be. I've included options for both kinds of shirts as well as a simple fee based system. You may choose more than one option, especially if you are willing to do any of the choices offered...
  6. T

    Deposit Paid for 2010 31 BDSS

    Deposit Paid for 2011 31 BDSS We paid the deposit for a new 2011 31 BDSS. Now to wait for it to be scheduled and built.:D
  7. 05Winger

    2010 Countertop extension

    Last July we purchased a 2010 287RL XLT. By looking at the late model year changes I see the 287 XLT now comes with a matching counter top extension. How do I go about getting one for our current trailer? We have the merlot interior color scheme. I have always felt the trailer needed more...
  8. R

    2010 but now 2011

    I am confused! I have a dealer telling me the current manufacturing year for the Cyclone is 2010, but just today I saw a 2011 unit on the Internet and there seems to be quite a few changes from the 2010 - 20' awning, new hard top work surfaces, different outside door latches, different location...
  9. W

    EVENT: Heartland Owners Meet-n-Greet: FL, Ocala - 02/18/2010 to 02/18/2010

    2023 S Pine Ave,Ocala, FL 34470 Venue: ------------------------------ Heartland Members Luncheon 2023 S Pine Ave Ocala, FL 34470 Reservation Contact: Wes 813-957-1361 http://www.ipanemaocala.com/aboutUs.aspx Pets ok?: No WiFi available: No Details: ------------------------------ From...
  10. wfwilson

    Ontario Chapter Newsletter no 12 Jan 2010

    Attached is our news Letter. It is the week after the 2010 New York State chapter rally great to make a two rally trip. Think About it Wayne
  11. W

    queen bed dimensions on 2010 elkridge

    I just bought an Elkridge, and want to put a custom mattress in it. The mattress store said most RV's use 60x75 for the queen bed. However, my salesman insists its 60x80. I didnt have a tape measure when i visited the dealer's lot again, and I dont take posession of the Elkridge til monday...
  12. truknutt

    2010 Washington (DC) Camping and RV Expo

    Next weekend is the 24th Annual Washington Camping RV Expo at the Dulles Expo Center. Here is the link to the exhibitor list.
  13. J

    2010 International Heartland Owners Rally Discussion

    Registration for the 2010 International Heartland Owners Rally will be as follows: January 4: Club Members (link will be sent via email) February 4: All Heartland Owners (email will be sent to all forum members on Feb4) If you are not yet a Heartland Owners Club member, now is a great time to...
  14. D

    New 2010 3914 problems/questions

    Just took delivery of a new 2010 3914 on Dec.27th. Couple of weid things to question. First, there is no sub and amp at all in our trailer. We did order the A/V Metal package (which looked standard anyway by the order sheet) We are about 15 hours away from the dealership we purchased the unit...
  15. H

    New 2010 Edge M22

    Merry Christmas, We just picked up our new M22. The new coach replaced our 1983 16' Scotty. Needless to say; I was a bit concerned about towing something this size. My fears were completly unfounded. I chose the most challenging route from 6th Ave. and Simms in Lakewood Co., to Nederland. Hwy...
  16. X

    2010 34 QRSL Eagle Ridge problems

    Had a problem with my kitchen slide, kitchen floor, refrigerator, landing jack and am radio. Was told by people where I bought the trailer, to call repair in Terra Haute, IN (I am currently in Evansville, IN, heading for Florida and was when I called). Nov 17 - We went to Terra Haute Repair...
  17. N

    Ideas for 2010 Missouri Rally location

    Well folks we are starting to think about a 2010 Missouri Rally. Our first Rally was in Branson last October. That is a great area with lots of campgrounds, entertainment, shopping, ect... I had comments from several folks that it might be nice for our next Rally to be more like...
  18. K

    covers have no stripes/graphics 2010 landmark augusta

    hello all, my question is, my 2010 landmark agusta has no stripes/graphics on the covers for the refrigerator, heater and water heater, they just have a small section that looks like its painted on, but the other stripes that flow thru the coach are not on the covers, is that supposed to be...
  19. S

    2010 So Cal Rally Dates?

    Okay,, I know I've been outta loop lately, and you all just got back from the Fall Rally, but any thoughts for Rally's for 2010?
  20. P

    2010 NT 26RKS A/C Question

    We picked up our 2010 NT 26RKS last week and look forward to our maiden trip over the Thanksgiving weekend. We recieved all the manuals/guides for the appliances from the dealer in a nice portfolio except for the Air Conditioner. Which model A/C do is on my unit and how do I get a manual for it...
  21. C

    Sundance 2011 Model Year Changes

    Does anyone know of the changes in the new 2011 Sundance 2900MK model?? I am having difficulty locating a 2011 brochure.
  22. J

    Heartland RVs plans for 2010

    As we all know, the RV industry has been in a 2-year slump. During that same period (2008 and 2009), Heartland RVs has seen continued growth. As we look ahead to 2010, we see the industry turning the corner and even more success for Heartland RVs. Below are a few bullet points I have...
  23. sailorand

    2010 BC Heartland Rally, Sept. 10-13

    2010 BC Heartland Rally will be held Sept 10 to 13, 2010 at Claybanks RV Park, 1300 Voght Street, Merritt BC V1K 1B8. Phone 1-250-378-6441. www.claybanksrv.com Come Friday stay until Monday if you can or go home on Sunday if you need to go back to work Monday. I have 10 large sites reservad...
  24. mlburst1

    New 2010 Sundance 2900MK

    We took delivery of our new Sundance 2900MK this past weekend. We stayed at Holiday Travel Park in Virginia Beach Saturday night and couldn't believe the space and luxury of three slides! A special word of appreciation to our dealer, Chesapeake RV Solutions and the owner Tim Loen, who went...
  25. Freckles

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: Ny, Verona - 08/13/2010 to 08/15/2010

    5065 State Route 365,Verona, Ny 13478 Venue: ------------------------------ The Villages Rv Park 5065 State Route 365 Verona, Ny 13478 1-800-771-7711...
  26. K

    Trail Air Pin Box for 2010 3610RE

    I have just purchased a 2010 3610 RE and have hauled the unit for the first time. I am hauling the traier with a 2006 F350 crewcab DRW with 6.0 Powerstroke and the trailer pulls well but seems to have a little "Push / Pull" at highway speeds. Has anyone installed a Trail Air pin box system on...
  27. K

    Trail Air Pin Box for 2010 3610RE

    I have just purchased a 2010 3610 RE and have hauled the unit for the first time. I am hauling the traier with a 2006 F350 crewcab DRW with 6.0 Powerstroke and the trailer pulls well but seems to have a little "Push / Pull" at highway speeds. Has anyone installed a Trail Air pin box system on...
  28. smday

    Anybody with new 2010 -3850 pics of new 20' awning

    We ordered the new 3850 and was wondering if anyone had pictures of the new 20' awning. They don't offer the rear awning anymore:mad: as an option. I was told the new awning now goes from the front compartment to just in front of the rear door. Would like to add a rear awning afterwards if there...
  29. jayc

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: TX, Spring - 4/16/2010 to 04/18/2010

    29321 S. Plum Creek Drive,Spring, Texas 77386 Venue: ------------------------------ Rayford Crossing RV Resort 29321 S. Plum Creek Drive Spring, Texas 77386 Contact: Melissa Email: rayfordcrossing@sbcglobal.net Phone: 281-298-8008 Resort Website Pets ok?: Yes - No Fee WiFi available: Yes -...
  30. L

    2010 nc 29rks ls +

    Here are some pictures of our new 2010 NC 29RKS LS model. There are some items I think prospective buyers might like to see that aren't shown in the literature from Heartland. My wife and I are using the trailer as winter quarters in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. Changes we made,our dealer...
  31. T

    Alaska 2010

    Going to drive from San Diego CA to Alaska in May 2010. Any advice or tips would be appreciated. Also, anyone going during that time?:o
  32. W

    anybody have a 2010 bighorn 3610RE???

    If anybody has a 3610RE can you please tell me what you use as a tow vehicle? I want to buy this coach but not sure what to tow with. I'm a little worried about the 16,000 GVWR of the coach. Please help, Thanks!!!
  33. M

    2010 Bighorn 3055 overall outside length

    Can someone give me an accurate outside length for the 2010 Bighorn 3055 5th wheel. Also how many steps into the 5th wheel. There is a little dotted line on the floor plan. Am wondering if it is like the Montana with the first step inside the 5th wheel. Am looking to update our current 5th...
  34. T

    2010 Sundance 2900MK

    Just took our new 2010 Sundance 2900MK on her maiden vogage to Lake Tahoe this past weekend. What an upgrade from our old KZ Frontier 25' with one slide. What a luxury to have the three slides and to be able to walk around the bed! I work in Maintenance for a large cereal manufacturer and my...
  35. nrps

    2010 Heartland North Country 26 SRL

    2010 Heartland North Country 26 SRL At Work.... At Play....
  36. D

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: PA, New Holland - 6/11/2010 to 6/13/2010

    475 Lynch Road, New Holland, PA 17557 Venue: ------------------------------ SPRING GULCH RESORT CAMPGROUND 475 Lynch Road New Holland, PA 17557 Mention code 7203 1-866-864-8524 www.springgulch.com Pets ok?: Yes Pet Fee: $0 WiFi available: Yes WiFi Fee: $minimal Details...
  37. ziggy

    Oregon Rally 2010 Poll version 2

    OK, I need to ask this question in a different way. The first poll just asked people to list their preferred dates, but I need to to know more exactly what people can do since we ended up with virtually a tied vote. So , please tell me if the rally has to be on one of the weekends for you to...
  38. 05Winger

    2010 Sundance 287RL Winterizing Problem

    I live in Minnesota and went to winterize the Sundance for the first time with the "Pink Stuff". I got both covers off and switched all the valves. I turned the pump on and went to the kitchen faucet and received nothing. I could hear the pump running and the sound of water running outside...
  39. rjr6150

    HL CO. Chapter Get Together at the 2010 Denver RV Show

    Thought since next May is a long time not seeing all. Kathy and I were wondering if anyone is interested in meeting at the Denver RV show in Jan 2010. The dates are 1/13-1/16 meeting on Saturday attending the show and maybe having dinner afterward. Also anyone interested in joining the chapter...
  40. D

    new 2010 Big Horn

    We had a 2008 3670RL Big Horn. Just came back from a 10,000 mile trip and had some warranty work to be done. We are like people that shouldn't go into a pet store, because you will walk out with a pet. Well-----We took our 2008 Big Horn into the dealer where we purchased our 5th wheel...