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Here are some pictures of our new 2010 NC 29RKS LS model. There are some items I think prospective buyers might like to see that aren't shown in the literature from Heartland. My wife and I are using the trailer as winter quarters in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. Changes we made,our dealer assisted with, and Heartland made:

  • Table and Chairs rather than dinette.
  • We replaced standard mattress with a pillow top short queen from a local mattress maker.
  • Replaced the two recliners and end table with a gilder rocker (wife is a rocker).
  • Full length closets in bedroom rather than short closet. Built in headboard.
I've also added some pictures that might trigger some ideas for others to use.

  • There is a whole house water filter sitting in a coleman water jug. I have it set between the city water and the trailer inlet.
  • The basement storage will fool you. The plastic totes pictured will fit within the opening and sit side by side in the storage area. It can hold six of them. Menards carries the totes.
  • The redneck choks I made from 4" X 4" post and some hardware.


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I have a 2010 NC 29rks ls but mine was manufactured in late 2008 (according to the frame sticker). Mine has the short wardrobes that are useless!! I wish I would have waited a while longer to buy mine and get the full wardrobes. We LOVE our Heartland very much. Hope you enjoy and thanks for the pics.



We have the '10 FKS LS w/the short closets. I love your mods in the bedroom! I also want to replace dinette w/table & chairs instead. Nice job on the chock set too! I agree, the storage is incredible on the NC's. Can't get over how many different windows your's has compared to ours.