Heartland RVs plans for 2010


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As we all know, the RV industry has been in a 2-year slump. During that same period (2008 and 2009), Heartland RVs has seen continued growth.

As we look ahead to 2010, we see the industry turning the corner and even more success for Heartland RVs. Below are a few bullet points I have excerpted from a memo sent to Heartland Dealers by Brian Brady, Heartland RVs President and CEO.

Building to ~1,200

  • 200 production employees being added right now, in 2009 in preparation for our ramp-up for 2010
  • 200 more production employees to be added by the end of Q1-2010 to sustain planned growth for 2010
More machinery, more plant space

  • We have added equipment to increase our CNC (computer numerically controlled) equipment routing (cutting)
  • We have doubled our routing plant space to accommodate this additional equipment and related processing
More people to serve you

  • We have begun to add 13 additional Service, Parts and Warranty personnel in the Customer Service Department
As you can see, we increasing our manufacturing capacity to handle the expected demand in 2010 and we are wrapping that capacity with workforce and customer service additions.

Thank you to all Heartland RVs product owners.

Jim Beletti
Director of Owners Interests
Heartland RVs, LLC


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That is great news. Good to see that things are turning the corner. Also, good to see a company adding in anticipation not waiting until it is to late. Sounds like Heartland is leading the way.


John T Bettencourt

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Glad to hear it,they must be the only RV company moving forward . All I hear here in the New England area is bad news for the industry. No one up here is doing much of anything when it comes to sellig new RVs



That's great to hear. As a brand new Big Country owner (and first 5th wheel purchase) it's good to know we picked a company that is dedicated to growing.


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Ref Heartland Growth!

Concerning the Heartland growth, it was mentioned on the local television news this evening, about hiring 400 new employees due to a backlog of orders. That's great! They were going full blast when we were there last month.


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Great videos Jim!!! Loved the one from the rally....got to see if we can somehow swing Nashville...maybe I'll fly Ken to syracuse?? LOL:rolleyes:


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Really enjoyed the videos Jim B. You look like you knew what you were doing. :).

Thanks Jim. You would not believe how much film was left on the cutting room floor :eek: The miracles of editing :D Too bad it couldn't fix that hair! The new "do" won't blow in the wind anymore :angel:


I was wondering, we have all the technology with pictures and recording devices, why couldn't they take the film or pixels and kinda resize it, bring the sides in closer and make everyone a little taller and a little,,,, more athletic looking. Some of you guys (not referring to any of the ladies, they are all good:angel:) would look a little better that way and maybe could even save some space on the servers. :D

Sure glad I'm not in any of the shots.:eek::D