1. J

    RF Wireless Remote Control system (secondary) now included on late 2011 Big Country

    Hey Big Country owners and those who are considering Big Country, On July 16 of this year, the Big Country line began adding an ALL-NEW feature to Big Country models produced thereafter. That feature is, a Remote Control system for controlling many features (slide rooms, stabilizers and more)...
  2. S

    2009 Big Country Cabinet Doors

    Hello All, Does anyone know if it is possible to orders some doors and cabinet fronts in some custom sizes? I have the 2009 3490 RB and have removed the jack-knife couch from the bunk room and built a platform bed for my son and I am wanting to install some matching cabinet fronts and doors...
  3. S

    2009 Big Country Satellite wiring diagram

    Hello All, New to the forum but not new to RVing. Just bought a 2009 Big Country 3490RB and have a question about the satellite wiring. I have HD DVR's that I want to install into the bedroom and living room and need to have 2 inputs into each DVR for the ability to watch one channel and...
  4. K

    Shopping for North Country 27BHS

    Hello! My Wife, Lisa, and I are currently shopping for the 27BHS. Pretty exciting process. We're hoping to make an offer on Wednesday or Thursday. So you may see a pretty excited new member posting pictures all the time soon. We sold our Flagstaff pop-up a year ago so everything about this...
  5. navyAZ1

    Travel Country RV, Lake Park, GA

    If you're ever in this area (just south of Valdosta) exit #5 off I-75 and need repairs these folks are great. After having many RV techs look at our furnace since Oct 09 the techs at Travel Country RV figured out our problem and we once again have reliable heat.:D
  6. H

    Big Country 3450TS Questions

    I am trying to find out if the W/D area of the 3450TS is large enough for a stacked W/D and do the Big Country slide outs have any insulation in them? From what I can find on the Heartland web site they do not but I want to make sure. Thanks
  7. N

    Why a Landmark or a Big Country over the Big Horn?

    I'm going to purchase a Big Horn 3670RL in the Spring. As I've been looking at all that Heartland has to offer, I can't figure a couple things out: 1--I don't get the Big Country line up at all. Zilch. OK, it has different floors, a (somewhat) fancy exterior, crazy mix-matched color cabinetry...
  8. M

    Big Country 3285RL or 2950RK fifth wheel

    Hello! We are considering purchasing a Hartland Big Country 3285RL or 2950RK fifth wheel for camping at National Parks and for limited travel as well. This is my first post:D, and we know next to nothing about 5th wheels:eek: but own a pop-up, and have tent camped for a long time. Would...
  9. M

    Big Country 3494QBS

    I was at the Louisville show and am looking for a camper of my own and unfortunately the Big Country 3494QBS wasn't there. My question is in the brochure it says the rear bunk area has 2 sleep sofas, are they jack knifes, pull outs, or Hideabed with air mattresses?
  10. 2010augusta

    Big Country in Gig Harbor

    We had a Big Country pull in and setup here at Gig Harbor RV Resort this week, but have not been able to make contact with the owners yet. I checked the HOP and no one has re-positioned here. Maybe this weekend someone will be around.
  11. K

    Looking for North Country model number

    About 6 months ago we found a 2009 Heartland North Counrty camper that had the rear living space with the 2 chairs and that I could tow with my GMC Acadia (4700 towing). For the life of me I can't remember the model number! Any help will be greatly appreciated! K
  12. caissiel

    Brakes on a Big Country jamming on

    I have been traveling the east coast on my way to Florida, and while driving on I84 to Scranton PA my trailer brakes started to jam the wheels so hard that I could not put the brakes on the truck without draging the wheels at normal setting of 70%. So I removed the front right side wheel and...
  13. rsheedy

    Great service from Green Country RV Doctor

    Jim and Angela Hughes at Green Country RV Doctor, Collinsville, OK. did a very professional job of replacing our damaged rubber roof on our 2009 3285RL Big Country. They also added an air conditioner to the bedroom and upgraded the vent in the bath. It was well worth the trip from Mississippi.:)
  14. nrps

    2010 Heartland North Country 26 SRL

    2010 Heartland North Country 26 SRL At Work.... At Play....
  15. H

    Big Country Northbound on I-77 NC

    Saw this BC north of Statesville, NC Wed. Oct. 14 about 4:30 PM
  16. C

    Hello from a new North Country owner!!

    Hey all... Just wanted to drop a line because we're excited new Heartland North Country 26BH owners... just picked up a new 2010. This is our 8th new camper since 2001, (don't ask lol) and it is by far the most well made. Are there any rallies in my area? NY / PA / CT, etc. Thanks and...
  17. smildrum

    Big Country Sighting

    This morning in Maine on 95 south of Augusta headed north.
  18. E

    Big Country going the wrong way!

    Caught a SC tagged Big Country "outbound", or North on Hwy. 501 leaving Conway SC. away from Myrtle Beach today. Your going the wrong way if your going to the SC chapter rally at Willow Tree this weekend. Willow Tree is the other way! Tow vehicle was a white Dodge 3500.
  19. B

    Big Horn or Country and Razor sighting

    Saturday say a Razor in Cleveland Ohio Rt 90 west just before dead mans curve. Hopefully they were not continuing on Rt 90 traffic was backed up do to a wreck. Then on the Sunday on the way back from camping saw either a Big Country or Big Horn with a white tow vehical on RT 90 east bound...
  20. H

    2008 Big Country 3075Rl

    I just pruchased the Big Country and want to know where the bypass valves for the Hot Water heater are and where do I add antifreeze for winterizing. Thanks
  21. S

    Big Country 3490 RB

    Is the Big Country 3490RB floor plan available in a 2011 model. I notice its not in the 2009/2010 brochures, yet they're out there. I like the new grey color, but am not interested in the new loft model (1.5 bath floorplan is a must).
  22. nrps

    2010 Heartland North Country 26 SRL

    2010 Heartland North Country 26 SRL / 2001 Dodge Ram 3500 Dually Diesel........... First Trip 8/18/09 and a very nice TT for sure, pulls really nice...........* My first TT * Happy Camper Jeff
  23. caissiel

    New Big Country Owner in NB here

    We have just moved in our new 3500RL Big Country. We would like to here from other NB owners so we can share Ideas and fun. My friends have come to visit our unit and find we are so lucky. I tell them its our home we live in it 12/12 months. We travel south to spend the colder months. My...
  24. JWalker

    Big Country Spotted

    I was at Brooks RV in SW Pa and took a few pics of a new Heartland Big Country. It has a grey Gelcoat with graphics to match. Jim B. said it was sort of a prototype of things that Heartland was considering. Very COOL!! Here are some pics of the Exterior.
  25. P

    2009 silverado 3500 srw and big country 2950

    Will pick up the unit in a couple of weeks, has anyone had issues with having to "flop the axles for level towing"? Is the rear bed height of the newer trucks an issue in giving proper clearence for the rails? Is anyone towing this combination? How does it work for you
  26. caissiel

    New Big Country Prep Service

    How long should I wait for the prep service on my new 3500RL. I bought a new unit last week and today I was told the unit will be scheduled to be ready for the end of the month (the service department told me they were setting the schedule today or it would be delayed even more. I have insured...
  27. S

    Prospective Owner - Possibly North Country 27 BHS

    Hello, We went looking at the North Country line this past weekend and I really liked what I saw. It seems they have a quality product. We very much liked the 27 BHS and am looking for current owners and their experiences with it (any problems?). Owners of other models can chime in too...
  28. nrps

    Hi, just joined the form and the North Country family.....

    Hi, just joined the form and the North Country family..... Just came home with a new 2010 North Country 26 SLR with the big back window and love it, my truck for pulling is a 2001 Dodge 3500 1 Ton Dually (80,000 miles on it). This is my first time owning a TT. I just turned 56 years old and...
  29. A

    First Trip with Big Country 3250 TS

    Spent last weekend in Asheville for the first time in our 2009 Big Country 3250 TS. Had a great time and really enjoy the space and quality of this fifth wheel. Stayed at Bear Creek RV Resort and Campground and totally enjoyed being there. Will now be moving out of this Welcome section...
  30. F

    Big country 3490bhs pictures

    Hello everybody, I am new to this site and the big country world. I am potentially picking up a 2009 3490bhs on aug 1. I was wondering if anyone could provide a pic of the underbelly? I have not seen this camper personally yet, and am very interested what the underbelly looks like.
  31. rsheedy

    Big Country 3285 RL

    Anyone having trouble gravity filling the fresh water tank? Have rerouted vent and fill hose with no luck :confused:
  32. P

    2950rk big country towed with a 09 2500 duramax

    Currently looking at a Big Country 2950rk (rear kitchen) with a dry pin weight of 2285/gvwr 14,000 Would like to tow with a 2009 GMC sierra duramax 2500, either a crew cab or extended cab. The extended cab payload is 3360 and the crew cab is 3240 I want to avoid the 3500 because it only comes in...
  33. N

    North Country Water Heater

    So we've taken out our new North Country 27BHS a couple of times so far and absolutely love it! We have figured everything out with one exception...the hot water heater. We can hear it turn on, but no hot water will come out. We've looked in the manuals and there is very limited information...
  34. A

    New Big Country

    Last Friday, brought home a new Big Country 3250 TS. Had lots of help from this forum. We love the floor plan and hope to go camping first weekend in August. Thanks for all the help. Will be posting with questions and comments. Allen & Suzanne
  35. B

    2950 2009 Big Country Wired for 2nd A/C unit

    Is the 2950 Big Country pre wired for a 2nd A/C ? Can I get the Electrical prints for my 2009 2950 Big Country ? I'd be your Best Friend.... Bernie Concord NC
  36. SilverRhino

    Slide Question on Big Country

    We will be taking delivery of our 2010 Big Country 3250 RTS later this week. One thing that I'm not totally sold on is the fact that all three slides work off one switch. I was told that in previous years the Big Country had switches or valves that allowed you to extend or retract the slides...
  37. A

    Big Country - Dealers

    We're moving up to a fifth wheel from a TT. Have found a Big Country that we like at a dealer in Myrtle Beach, SC - Camper Country - that is about 120 miles away from us. No local dealers. Can anyone advise us about service at other locations other than the dealer where purchased? I understand...
  38. mrcomer

    Big Country at Thousand Trails Wilmington OH

    Linda told me that there is a Big Country in our Thousand Trails here in Wilmington. Will have to meet them this week. Is it someone here on the forum? I'll let you know later. Mark
  39. L

    Help! Leak in new Big Country 3250!!

    We purchased our new 2009 Big Country 3250 in late January and just the past few weeks have finally been able to try it out! We have had to deal with several leaks but still have one yet to go. This leak occurs "somewhere" behind a wall that we can't see or get to when we hook up to flush the...
  40. E

    Big Country at Colonial Williamsburg KOA

    I made a last minute trip with friends to KOA. Right behind us is a BC with Maryland tags. Who is it? It looks like a brand new one.