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So we've taken out our new North Country 27BHS a couple of times so far and absolutely love it! We have figured everything out with one exception...the hot water heater. We can hear it turn on, but no hot water will come out. We've looked in the manuals and there is very limited information and something regarding a bypass, but looking at it outside, there doesn't look like anything like a bypass at all...any ideas? Someone familiar with the North Country and know what we are doing wrong?


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I'm not to sure where your water heater is located, but you need to find the back side of it, not where the flame and gas jet is located on the outside. This might be under the dining bunk seat or someplace like that. On the back side you should see the line into the heater and also a line coming out of the heater and also a line hooking booth of these lines together. Each line will have a valve in it, the valve in the line between the in and out lines should be closed. If it is open you will mostly bypass the heater and not get much, if any hot water.

Also, if you have an outside shower, make sure both of the valves are turned off. Some of the outside showers have a shut off on the sprayer and if the valves are open, it will also allow the water to bypass and cause cold or cool water in the kitchen and bath sink.

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We have a 2009 30BHS, and to get to the back of the water heater we have to take a panel off between the sink and the stove above the floor. just 4 screws and its off. Then you can reverse the bypass and get hot water.



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I have the Sundance 28 BH and to get to the valves you have to remove the lower bunk plywood. If you lift the mattress you'll see 4 screws in the cubby area of the bunk. Best of luck.
Dang, we just got our NC 27BHS. I better go out there and see if we have hot water:eek:. Thx for the tips!! I see there is a red switch in the bathroom and I think it is for the electric water heater?:confused:


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You can see what model I have so I don't know if this will apply to you. On the outside is a pannel that allows access to the back of the heater. There is a switch that turns on the electric power (it has a small pin which keeps it in the off position so that one does not turn it on with no water in the tank .... the element will burn our post haste and you will be in for a major repair). With water in the tank turn on this switch which allows the switch in the bath to be turned on for either electric or gas or both (for rapid heating). Hope this helps.