Water line layout for our 2009 Heartland North Country 32 BHDD


We have a leak that has we can not find out where it is in order to replace it. The pump runs constantly when on. We have tried looking for diagrams to figure out the layout of our water system. If anyone has any pictures or information on a 2009 Heartland North Country 32 BHDD water system we would greatly appreciate the help!!
Thank you!


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If there is enough water in the tank and your bypass valves are in the correct position, the pump should run up to pressure. Open a faucet with it running to get all the air out of the system. If it continues to run after the tap is off then there may be a leak. As it is an older RV check at the pump intake side filter for cracks. This is usually where water stays and freezes and cracks the housing. Further investigation goes to the pump itself as the inner check valve may be stuck, which requires disassembly of the pump.