Hello from a new North Country owner!!


Hey all...

Just wanted to drop a line because we're excited new Heartland North Country 26BH owners... just picked up a new 2010.

This is our 8th new camper since 2001, (don't ask lol) and it is by far the most well made.

Are there any rallies in my area? NY / PA / CT, etc.

Thanks and look forward to replies...


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Welcome to the Heartland family!

Yes - we do have rallies in the east and in 2 of the states you have mentioned and more.

See the portal for planned rallies and check it often as rallies are added.

NY is planning their 2010 rally now.

PA is planning their 2010 rally now.

NC is hosting the Eastern Regional 2010 rally (see below).

SC has planned theirs.

NJ has planned theirs.

The Eastern Region is having a regional rally - already planned.

Here's the portal: www.heartlandowners.org



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Sounds like you have changed trailers as often as some people change underwear, just kidding. I hope you enjoy your new TT. My wife and I just bought a NC 29RKS LS. We felt comfortable with the Heartland products because there are at least three long term reputable Iowa dealers that are selling them. When you have established dealers adding them to their inventories it provides some confidence.

After reading through all the manuals it gives you an idea of the complexity of designing and building a quality TT. Trying to build TT's with all the different floor plan desires and consumer budgets has to be daunting.

I'd also like to put a plug in for Heartland and my dealer. My wife and I liked the layout of the 29RKS but we preferred a table and chairs. Heartland built the trailer and substituted the table and chairs for the dinette, which wasn't shown as option. There were some pieces of furniture we didn't want and our dealer acquired them and gave us a credit for them. We would have like to have an air mattress sofa, but it wasn't possible.

When we did our walk through we were pleased with a new feature in the RKS, that being the new closet arrangement in the bedroom. The elimination of the night stand with the longer closets was totally unexpected. The addition of; what I'll call the headboard with a recess shelf to hold whatever, between the two closets was a good idea as well.


Hey all - thanks for the replies...

I will be checking out the rally info soon, sounds like there are a few upcoming.

I became a NC owner kinda by accident, the salesman at the dealer didn't get back to me quickly enough and I "lost" a Coachmen and then a Flagstaff. The NC was the biggest of the three TT's I was looking at.

I checked out the video on Heartlands website and that was what really sold me on a NC. "NO GIMP" lol.

I have had my fair share of high gimp campers and that was why deep down I would not keep them too long. I would always look at something gimpy and ask myself why the person building it would not take just 5 extra seconds to make a light switch straight, run wires neatly, etc.

We went directly to Watkins Glen KOA from the dealer and stayed 5 days. I could not find one thing that annoyed me about the NC...