Prospective Owner - Possibly North Country 27 BHS



We went looking at the North Country line this past weekend and I really liked what I saw. It seems they have a quality product.

We very much liked the 27 BHS and am looking for current owners and their experiences with it (any problems?). Owners of other models can chime in too!

A few things I liked about this line are:
- Full size queen bed
- 7 Foot Ceilings

The seem to be constructed well too. Although they seem to be heavier than others in this class, but I equate that to its quality.

Also, I am wondering what you tow with.

Thanks in advance!



Sundance 285bh

Just bought a Sundance 285bh looked at a bunch of fifth wheels and narrowed it down to the Keystone Cougar and the Sundance both seem nice. Sundance seemed like it had better quality. Hope I made the right choice!


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I have the Sundance 285BH also. I bought it late October last year and have used it 6 times or so this summer. The only problems i've had were :
1) Shower leaked.....Caulked the inside of the shower walls and base where the glass meets the pan. No more leaks.
2) Aluminum skirt over wheels on slide out flapping in the wind.......There are 3 or 4 little brackets that they use to hold the skirt at the bottom from the slide frame. They were held on with 1/4" sheet metal screws which all broke. I replaced them with pop rivets and washers. No more flapping.
3) Not enough time to camp more often.......I haven't found a remedy for that yet.

Great product so far and i'm really happy with my purchase.


We are also looking at the 27BHS - really liked the higher ceiling as it made the TT feel much more roomy. Have you looked at the North Trail 28BRS? similar layout and made of all aluminum framing incl walls and roof. has 2 inch walls for better insulation, and weighs in dry at about 4900 lbs. It was also listed a bit cheaper at the dealer we went to.


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the wife and i are going to dallas t look at the 3914 toy hauler this wknd.
we are going to be new parents to this little baby. so a big hello from us to you.



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