Hi, just joined the form and the North Country family.....


Hi, just joined the form and the North Country family.....

Just came home with a new 2010 North Country 26 SLR with the big back window and love it, my truck for pulling is a 2001 Dodge 3500 1 Ton Dually (80,000 miles on it). This is my first time owning a TT. I just turned 56 years old and have been pulling Horse Trailers for the past 25 years, Goose Necks and Bumper Pulls with on thrills for us, but the best trailers for comfort and safety for the horses. The wife and I lost your horses a year ago last June from old age they were in there 30's (They were our friends and our family). We would horse camp with them all over Nevada and Calif. and what a great time we all had, and the memories we have of them are priceless.

But because of my bad back the wife and I decided not to get more horse, I don't feel I could give the quality of care and riding time that is needed because of my back. I always gave 100 % to my horses 24/7 at home or camping, they always came first. We are only an hour and half drive from the Sierra's just east of Reno Nevada.

So after looking into tt's we came home with a 2010 North Country 26 SLR (an up grade for us from horse trailers) last Friday 8-7-09. Our first trip will be in a few weeks, we are spending time as we speck getting to know the North Country in the front yard (11 acres) and learning what we need to make our first trip go well and have fun. I had a wd hitch put on the trailer along with a sway bar and boy does that pull nice. I have been reading the form the last few days and have been learning allot, so much good info. here. (Thank You)

I'm also a member of the The Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum, any members out there of The Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum? I play Guitar and my wife Quilt's we are retried.

I will be reading, learning and asking as time goes on..............

Happy Trails to you and may the dust always settle behind you............





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Ray LeTourneau

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Hello Jeff! Welcome to the Heartland Family & Forum. Congratulations on your new North Trail. We're here for you when you need us. The forum members are always willing to help and if we can't, Heartland has fantastic customer support and monitors the forum as needed. Enjoy your new TT.


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Welcome Jeff, and congratulations on your North Trail. We know your will enjoy. Don't forget to check out the Heartland Owners Club. It is a bargain to join. Have fun and hope to see yall on the road.


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Congrad Jeff On your North Trail, AND WELCOME TO THE HEARTLAND FAMILY!Hope to see you at a Heartland rally TRAVELER07 Mich chapter.


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Hi Jeff, welcome to the Heartland family there is alot of great folks here need help with some thing they are here to help. Congrats on the new trailer.-----Kathy:)


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What a great looking rig you have. Welcome to the forum and the Heartland family. Hope you get many years of wonderful memories with your new trailer.

Good luck,


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Welcome to the Heartland Family and to the Forum Jeff. You won't find a geater bunch of folks. You need to know something -- they got the answers.

Enjoy your new North Country and I know you'll enjoy meeting the "Family" one member at a time!!



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Hi Jeff and a big welcome to the Heartland family from the PA branch of the tree! You may find yourself becoming addicted to the forum as there is always something of interest being chatted about...from rallies to the best spots in a campground...to "where is my _____ located?" There's lots of friendly folks here who share a passion for RVing!

Happy trails!