Finally got our North Trail 26RKS


Hello all,

My wife and I just got back from picking up our 2009 NT 26RKS from Great Lakes RV.:) We got a pretty good deal and only had an issue with the aluminum wheels (which were supposed to be there and weren't). They had the right wheels installed and the only issue now is that the lug nuts were from the steels wheels and I would like to replace them with the right ones. Should I contact the factory???? Would not the lug nuts come with them?

One other issue was that of the sliding bedroom door keeps coming off after moving it and now the pin it connects to is bent a little. I am going to bend it straight. Does anyone have any ideas on how to keep it attached while it is being transported? Other than these few issues, we are glad we made the purchase and drive from Alabama to get it.



I would call your sales person at Great lakes to get this taken care off...The Aluminum Rims do come with aluminum lug nuts from the factory....