Considering North Trail 22FDS

I am new to this forum. I am considering this unit. I do not know a thing about Heartland or North Trail. I have been using a tt for about 3 years. Is this a quality product? Anyone experienced any major problems? Roof problems..etc. Thanks


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Although we do not have a North Trail we can tell you about Heartland. They are a relatively new company, less than 10 years old. Heartland prides themselves on customer service. No recreational vehicle is a perfect product as it is a moving 'house' and things do go 'bump in the night'. The most important thing is 'does the manufacturer stand behind the product'. I can say it has been our experience yes they do. So you can rest assured that if you do have any issues with your product it will be taken care of. Good luck in you search and welcome to the Heartland Forum.


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Based on my 2 years of experience with a Big Horn, I rate the quality of my unit quite low (a 3 on a scale of 10). As per Heartland's Customer Service, I have found it to be hit-and-miss & I can only rate it as a 5.



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On the other hand, we've had our Sundance for a year and except for one quickly remedied problem, it has been rock solid. Occasional adjustments here and there? - Yes. But as Jim pointed out, it's a moving house and you should see (feel) some of the roads (I-295 around Richmond:eek:) we travel on. So I say - Quality product, quality service.


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Maybe we're just lucky, but we're on our second Bighorn and have had no serious problems with either one. The problems we have had were with the dealer. I would rate the trailer at least an 8.

Heartland's service after the sale has been nothing less than spectacular. They have taken care of any problems that we had and have helped us out when the dealer wouldn't. I rate them a 9.


We just took a 3 week (maiden) trip in our North Trail 21FBS. It was absolutely perfect in every way. No problems at all! We have been camping in a fiver for over 10 years and a smaller TT (different brand) for 2 more. In my opinion, the NT is top quality - but as others have said, when you pull a house over obnoxious roads - as we all do from time to time - something is bound to break!


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We have a 31QBS

North trail.
Second yr with it.
My problem was ripped lino from slide. Last Oct it was replaced by dealer and he cut the bottom of trim to fix the problem, and replaced the lino.

Over all we really are impressed with the unit and would buy anothner heartland product.

We have had major weather problems and lots of rain and hail.
no water leaks and no damage to unit.


We love our 22FDS, and think the Heartland product is excellent. This is our third travel trailer we've bought in nine years, and it is by far the best quality. We think it is an excellent value. Our only complaint is that the "queen" bed is actually a full-size with the corner cut off, so it is a little more cozy than we had anticipated. Although we had some fairly major issues at first (AC didn't blow cold, water system would not pressurize, furnace squirrel cage was off-balance), Heartland took care of everything without any fuss. The 22FDS is a nice, open floor plan that works well for our family of four.
Well, if you're interested in a North Trail Ultra-lite Travel Trailer, my wife and I purchased our 32 RED TT in May (09). Since then, we've put over 10,000 miles on it and it leaves no doubt that this is one of the best built RV's on the road.

We've been over the Continental Divide four times, climbed hills (The Adarondacks, Applicahains, Blue Ridge and the Smokies). We've climbed mountains (The Rockies), we've camped in the Desert (Monument Valley Utah). We've travelled over passes over 8000 feet high, and been to the desert Southwest (Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Texas).

It withstood dust storms with 70 MPH winds.

We've taken her over some of the roughest roads in the country. (Watch out for Eastbound I-40 in Oklahoma) as well as roads in Illilnois, Indiania, Ohio and Northern Virginia.

Believe me, our "Big Red" has taken everything we've thrown at it and shrugged it off. The ONLY problem we've had is with the black tank sensor. It's just slow to react to being flushed.

What would I change? I would change the window in the kitchen from a "lift" to a "louver."

That's it.

I would STRONGLY recommend this TT if you're looking for one.


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We have a fifth wheel- Sundance 2998RB. Got it in Feb 09. The first 3 months we had it, it was at the dealers almost half the time. We had water leaks in the front slide that took a lot of work and fixing ,flacking of the bottom of the slides, shower leaks and several trim problems. The dealer was great and Heartland has stood behind their product. We have used the RV for two trips of about 3000 miles . No problems after getting all the stuff fixed. Give RV 6 of 10 and Heartland 8 of 10.


What would I change? I would change the window in the kitchen from a "lift" to a "louver."

You know this is a pet peeve of mine too! Guys like me that are vertically challenged as well as "horizontally" ;-) challenged can have a hard time with that window.

It is a well built trailer though and I would buy it again if I had to do over.



I am new to this forum. I am considering this unit. I do not know a thing about Heartland or North Trail. I have been using a tt for about 3 years. Is this a quality product? Anyone experienced any major problems? Roof problems..etc. Thanks
We just purchased a 22 fbs 2012 North trail. We are having issues with it. I just contacted Heartland. I will let you know how we make out. Lou Ann Higgins


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Our first TT was a Heartland NorthTrail. We LOVED IT! We had our share of issues, but none that weren't fixed by the dealer, under warranty with HL. (soft spot in the shower, fridge wouldn't cool correctly, front cap crease). We traded up for a larger living space and nicer amenities, and believe me, we looked at all the options. Our Heartland Elk Ridge was far better looking, better constructed, and with better features than competitors in the price-point. A thing to watch out for, and this is for any trailer: cheap China-made tires. Upgrade to "made in the USA" if you can, or plan on buying new ones within the first 2 years.

Upon review, this looks like we traded because of the issues. NOT THE CASE. We traded up because we wanted more space, and truly believe the Heartland products are top of their class!
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