New Members from up north

Hello everyone,

I'd like to introduce myself and hope this is the appropriate forum to do so. My name is Colin Cornwall, and my wife's name is Catherine. We live in Alaska and are soon-to-be new Heartland owners (we have narrowed our decision down to either the new Edge M19 or M18 and just have to wait till our dealer up here gets one or the other in.)

We're very excited about this, yet realize we have a long way to go before we can be considered anything but newbies. In the meantime, we're looking forward to soaking up as much information as we can.

Colin & Catherine


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Welcome aboard C & C. Are you permanent Alaskan residents or temps, i.e. military, outside contractors, etc. ?


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Colin & Catherine,

Welcome to the Heartland Family !!

There will be plenty of Heartland RV's heading your direction in the next few years... Hope you enjoy your Edge as much as we do our BigHorn.

Till we camp together... Stay safe... Have FUN...

Ray LeTourneau

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Hello there Colin & Catherine! Welcome to the Heartland Forum. The Edge is a very cool looling trailer. We were able to look at one at the Heartland Rally last weekend. Good luck with your purchase and we all hope you become Heartland Family.


Hi Colin and Catherine,

Yes, welcome to the Heartland Owners forum and family. You will find lots of great people here dready to answer any question you may have.

Enjoy the forum and your new unit when it gets there.

Jim M


Hi CnC
Welcome to the family. Keep reading the forum, there is a lot going on.

Where in Alaska do you live. Let us know and maybe you will get a couple of guest.

Setup the HOP and let us know where your located..

Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone. Our home base right now is Wasilla, Alaska. Truknutt - we are residents here. I am a network engineer, and Catherine is a RN at the local hospital. Looking forward to seeing everyone around! :)

Colin, Natasha (our three year old), and Catherine