North Trail FX21

I currently own a 2001 Kiwi 21c, but am considering an upgrade and really like the FX21. It's about the same size and weight as my Kiwi and should suit my wife and I fine, but I am finding little information on it. The Heartland brochure only has floorplans, no pictures, and not much information specific to the FX series. I would welcome any information any FX owners could give me, and pictures would be great.
There seem to be a lot of folks interested in the FX21, myself included, but no dealer stocks one in the mid-atlantic area, there are few photos, I can't tell if it has the wide trax suspension or the half time oven. Hopefully the factory will update the website with photos and answers soon. There are a lot of small SUV owners who want a trailer but everything being built seems over 5,000lbs empty I've looked.