Can find more info on The North Trailer units


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As we have a North Trail Owners Forum:

It is a forum for (NT owners and any links posted on this forum may not link properly) if not a member. But as a guest you will be able to view some posts and be able to gather some information on the unit themselves

"Forum was started by Mark, from this forum, and was on line February 18/ 2008.

Since conception we have 1,852 threads, 12,328 posts, 216 members, 83 active members.

Almost all members are from Heartland Owners that have found our forum.

It is for all north trail travel trailers; include all makes and models of the NT lines. But not 5th wheels,
we have a great forum also. And some ideas are stolen from each forum and copied to each. As there is a lot of info and stuff from both. And a lot of the same stuff are used in all trailers Heartland has made

There are members that participate in NT and Heartland owners. And other NT owners are only on

come on over and check out the info if you want some info on the North trail line. To see how the owners enjoy their units, and may help on your decision on purchasing one, (if your just looking for a trailer and not decide yet)

Thanks Irvin56

Once you enter the forum, under administration, click on north Trail FAQ’s.

Then go down to (Frequent asked questions) and there you will find all kinds of info I have posted on weights, slide operation, winterizing, towing, all kinds of info. Not just for NT but for everything. Tires, WDH, warranty, etc.
If you have any questions can post or PM myself