North Carolina Chapter Leader/Wagon Master


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Well now it is official we have a brand new and for the first time a North Carolina Chapter Leader/Wagon Master Tim Fodrie (timdebs).
Tim has agreed to take on the position of Chapter Leader/Wagon Master for North Carolina, Soooooo all you North Carolina folks step up and lend him all the support that you can to make his job this coming year a little easier.



Founding VA Chap Ldr (Ret)
Woo-Hoo! Congratulations Tim! I'll send you my database of NC members currently in the VA chapter (well - maybe:rolleyes:). Seriously, will get it out to you Sunday. Now you have to help plan the East Coast Rally for next year. I'll email you later on where we stand so far.


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Tim : Congratulations North Carolina makes it now up to 22 State Chapters only 28 more states to go !!! Yee Ha


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Thanks for the support! Still not sure how I go to a SC Rally and become a NC Chapter Leader. JP do you have any comments?