ATF: Edge - Battery shut off


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I don't know whether your trailer has one, but battery cutoff switches are typically a very short distance from the battery positive terminal. I don't think you'd have to follow the positive cable more than 2 feet to find it. If you follow the cable all the way to a row of 12 volt mini-circuit breakers under a red-rubber boot, and there's no cutoff, you probably don't have one.
Thanks for the reply's, I have determined that my trailer does not have one. Another stupid question. I can never get my generator to start. Can someone tell me if I am doing something wrong? I am not hooked up to shore power, the battery is fully charged, I pushed and held the remote start switch and nothing, I then tried the switch on the generator and still nothing.


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I assume this is the procedure you do but just in case...

My rv has an onan 5500 qg genset and here's what I do. The remote start is in my bedroom, it's a two way lighted rocker switch. Push down on the switch until the light on the switch comes on, wait a couple of seconds then release and push the switch up. Normally when you push up, the engine cranks and I hold it until it starts..

( how much fuel do you have in your tank? I thought I read that there's an automatic cutoff built into the genset when your tank reaches a certain level)


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The Onan 5500 Manual says:
Starting And Stopping ProceduresYour Cummins Onan generator can be started and stopped from the integral
control panel on the generator, or from the optional remote control panel inside the
vehicle if your RV is so equipped. Your Operator’s Manual outlines the simple steps
for starting and stopping. Remember to:
• Before starting the generator, turn off air conditioners and large electrical loads.
• Before starting in cold weather, turn off all appliances for best long-term
Prime by holding stop (all Quiet Diesels, Quiet Gas 3600-7000).
To start - press and hold start at the control panel or at the set.
- Quiet Diesel: auto pre-heat fl ash, then crank/start
- Don’t over-crank with no start
• Before turning on appliances, let the generator warm up for a few minutes.
• Turn off air conditioners and large electrical loads and allow the generator to run
for 3-5 minutes before stopping, to allow the generator to cool down.
Thanks guys I will try this when I get home. Schew, I never thought about checking the fuel level, that may be the problem. When we picked it up at the dealer it started right up. I haven't changed anything since so it is probably something simple. I have done the procedures that you both mention and have never gotten the light after holding the switch down to prime. Thanks for taking the time to give me advice.