ATF: ElkRidge - TPM roof very chalky


I purchased my 2016 39 RDFS last June. October of last year I had the 5th wheel washed and waxed by hand as well as the roof washed and conditioned with a product made by Dicor. Last month I had the same person come out to wash and wax the camper as well as wash and condition the roof. The guy contacted me and said the roof was very " chalky", especially to be a new camper. ( I leave my RV at the beach year round). Is this common with this type of roof. Also do you know of a product or a conditioner that I should be using instead.

Any help would appreciated.



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I think a lot of us just use Dawn dish detergent to clean the roof. Interestingly, a couple of people using "treatments" have had worrisome results.


Thanks Dan,

i will try Dawn next time. There was a lot of chalky residue coming off. I thought the membrane might be effected. I guess I am thinking I need to condition the roof then later on go back with a sealer