AWM990 turns on & off repeatedly


I currently own a 2016 Bighorn 3870FB , and I have never been completely satisfied with the unit. In any case the other evening the wife and I were sitting down to to watch a DVD and when she turned the unit it on all of the lights started to turn on and off repeatedly with the subwoofer thumping each time it did that. We turned the unit off for a few, turned it back on and it continued .We then turned it off for the night. The following day we were sitting outside the RV and the stereo came back on and played on the outdoor speakers without us touching it. I am having a hard time reaching out to anyone from Jensen, can anyone help me out , this has gotten very frustrating and or can someone recommend a different unit to use, preferably not Jensen. I have done some research and it appears that this unit is not the only one to have this issue I just kind a reason for this to occur or fix.



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I can't help with your problem except to say you're not alone. When I try to turn my unit on it repeatedly cycles on and off at about a 1 second duty cycle. It's hard to turn off because you have to sync the power button to when it is on for a second. I just turned it off and left it off, I don't need it with my sound bar and playlist.


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I did a Google search on this problem and it seems that other RV owners in other brand and unbranded RV forums have encountered this Jensen problem. I don't know if it is worth the cost of having it repaired at an electronics shop.

I bought a Sony 1/2 height Home Theater System several years back to replace my originally installed system. Unfortunately, Sony no longer seems to make these, but you can find other brands with websearches, on E-Bay, or Amazon.


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This problem is related to low voltage on the Jensen head unit. I had one in my 2017 Bighorn. I double the DC supply wiring to provide less voltage drop and that stopped the problem in my case.