Awning LED strip lighting repair

We've only had our Trail Runner a few months but the LED strip lighting has never worked. Our dealer is 90 miles away so I haven't had a chance to take it in for repairs.

So today I made up my mind to trouble shoot it and figure out what's wrong with it. I turned on the switch and checked for power at the plug at the end of the strip and no power. I checked at the splice where the wiring comes out of the trailer and no power. I checked inside at the toggle switch and the was no power. I checked the switch for continuity and it worked fine. I check the hot side of the switch to an adjacent ground and it worked fine. So I knew the problem was from the ground of the switch to the LED strip. I pulled the ground wire out a little and low and behold there's a fuse holder in the wall! Sure enough the 5A fuse was blown so I replaced it and now the lights work fine.

Actually the fuse didn't look burned but it was definitely open. I think it's a cheap Chinese fuse that failed although I have no idea why Heartland put the fuse in the wall behind the switch.

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lucky to find it ...good luck with the LEDs mine started burning out after about 10 hours of use.