2017 Mallard M27 Awning LED Lights


The LED light strip suddenly stopped working on my Mallard M27. Not really knowing much about how the lights are wired, I went online to search for some information. While there was nothing specific to my RV that was of any use, I was able to piece enough together to get me going in the right direction. This post is to save people some time if they have a similar issue.

The LED light strip has an inline fuse between the switch and the lights. The fuse is located in the wall. To get to the fuse I had to remove the heat vent in the bedroom, which was very close to where the wiring for the LED lights enter the camper from the outside. See photos attached. The fuse was blown, indicating a short somewhere. I found that the wiring on the outside, at the bottom of the front awning arm, had chafed and may have been causing an issue. I also removed the on/off switch, and found the two wires were very poorly installed, and were actually in contact with each other. I fixed the two issues, replaced the fuse, and now it works again. If you are going to fix this yourself, disconnect shore power and your battery first! Hope this helps.

The bedroom heat vent close to the bottom of the front awning arm where the wiring enters the camper.

The red inline fuse hiding amongst all the wiring.

The fuse after I fished it out.
I also had my awning light strip stop working. The fuse was not issue for me, but thanks to this post, I know that it is there. What I found was that the wire had become separated just inside the retractable arm. Right at the very top. The wires were very tight. I had to splice it and crimp it back together.