1. A

    gateway 3650bh awning light strip

    Hi! I am new here but have owned my 2014 gateway 3650bh for almost 2 years now. When I first looked at it before purchase I noticed that the awning light strip was wavy. Thinking that it could just be straightened out I looked past it. Now, 1.5 years later I am just getting around to trying to...
  2. S

    Awning lock??

    Help please? We have a 2020 pioneer 280bh with dometic 9200 power awning. When we traveled across country back in June, from co to va, our awning caught the wind in Kansas and billowed open. We had to zip tie and tape it for the rest of the trip. We have since replaced it. What do you guys do to...
  3. C

    Main Awning Fasteners

    A few of the fasteners securing the main awning have backed out and the track holding it is pulling away from the exterior side wall. It has been suggested this is a common occurrence on Heartland installed awnings. Does anyone have recommendations for the best "fastener" or screws, or what...
  4. JNS

    Add Additional Awning

    Hello! We'd like to have an awning installed on our Landmark 365.. we only have 1 large awning in the rear and 1 very small awning over the main door, there is an additional switch inside for another awning as well. Do I call Heartland to find out for sure this can be added and where to get...
  5. D

    2015 Bighorn Replacing Awning LED Strip Lighting Kit

    HELP.... I just ordered a 75.00 awning replacement strip to go into the rail under my awning of my 2015 Bighorn. The old one has been dying since it was around 11 months old; but, it is now out of warranty... My problem is this: I can not figure out where the old one plugs in???? I have no...
  6. A

    2016 Prowler 33P BHS Power Awning makes a ratcheting sound during retraction - any thoughts?

    Hello All, new to the group and just purchased a 2016 Prowler 33P BHS. noticed the Power Awning makes a ratcheting sound during retraction - any thoughts?
  7. C

    Awning on Torque T30 pulling away from the wall when I roll it up completely

    I purchased a brand new Torque T30 toy hauler about 4 months ago. Since then I have used it about 6 times and noticed that the screws holding the electric awning to the wall of the camper were pulling out at the back of the toy hauler. When I look at it further and did some testing I found that...
  8. Erika

    Pros / Cons of adding awning over slide?

    Hey folks, I just finally resolved a slide floor problem related to rain water leaking in and destroying the floor board of my living room (door side) slide out. Had the whole floor board replaced, under warranty. Repair guys claim they can't definitively find where water may have leaked in...
  9. regan

    Manual to Electric Awning Replacement

    Have 2008 Bighorn 3400 RL. It came with the manual awning. I am now considering the electric option. I contacted Camping World interested in the Dometic 9100. However they are concerned about the front rail on the Bighorn, because it is shorter that the 9100 may not work. Here is the...
  10. L

    Awning Rolls Up Crooked!

    We have a Landmark... almost from the moment we got it two years ago, the awning rolls up and won't snap into place because the metal arms are "pulled" out of alignment. We brought it back to be fixed once and they said "oh yeah we just tightened it" But now it's to the point that when we put...
  11. J

    Awning Grommets?

    Has anyone thought about placing brass grommets at the end of the awning to hang lights or decorations from? I picked up some brass plated steel grommets and was planning on installing them about an inch from the bottom. It looks like the material would just roll right up with the grommets on...
  12. zigzag3337

    Added New Awning LEDs

    Since we bought our 3950, it has driven me crazy that I couldn't reach the awnings to hang our lights on it. So.......I came up with this... I bought a set like this off of E bay. It came with two 16' reels, which is great as I have a 12' awning and a 20' awning. I ended up shortening one...
  13. L

    Just purchased 2011 - Road warrior rw 405 help need truck to haul it

    Hi all. Just purchased rw 405. We are seasonal campers however would like to travel once in a while with family. Looking for advice on best quad truck to pull the 5th wheel and haul wife and 3 kids Trying to keep cost under 15k. Also it seems the awning is quite long but put in a strange...
  14. M

    Considering the Greystone 33CK

    Hi, We are seriously considering trading our Wildcat 32QBBS for the Greystone 33CK. It has all the options we want. I have a few questions: 1. If I factory order a unit can a larger awning be put on? it appears there is room for a larger one? 2: can a dvd be played inside the unit and watched...
  15. Stan_Humphries

    I managed to break my awning supports

    Hi everyone! I managed to break the end fixture (claw thing) on the end of the horizontal support of the awning on my little 2009 Edge M13. I'm such a clutz with the manual awning. I'll have to source replacement parts, presumably from my RV dealer. Its the end fixture of the inside aluminum...
  16. R

    Buying someting to cover slide out. Brands? AWNING OR TOPPER?

    Okay, two fold question: 1. What are the benefits, cost differences, etc. between getting an awning installed over the slide out versus a topper? Am I correct to assume the awning is not automatic, and can get torn up during storms when you might need it the most for slide out roof...
  17. S

    M21 Awning/lights/doors/weatherproofing

    We’ve just spent 3 months traveling in our M21, logged 12000 miles on all kinds of roads, from Arizona to Minnesota to Alaska to Oregon – a thorough test. Suggested improvements: 1. Awning. Move it about 2’ towards the front. a. When awning is extended, the entry door bangs into...
  18. S

    Awning support 3055

    Allo, The awning on my 09-3055RL is curving in the certer. Probably because the lenght of 20' of the awning. So I bouth a support at Camping World. Q; Where, I shoud install this support? How can I find the frame for a tight fit? Do you think the support is gone resolve my probleme? Thanks...
  19. T

    Brand and Model of Awning on 2011 31 BDSS

    Hi: I'm in the process of ordering a 2011 31 BDSS and was wondering about the Electric Awning that comes standard with it: - What Brand is the Awning? - What Model is the Awning? Thanks in advance.
  20. Cycloner3950

    New 2011 model 3950 awning

    Any possibility Heartland will be offering a retrofit awning kit so I can add the new 20 ft awning to my 2010 3950? Good call on fixing this on the new models, the previous awning was good for keeping a midget dry!
  21. labbysmom

    Electric awning question

    We've never had an electric awning and wondered what you do to drain off rain? Can it be sloped? Thanks Diane
  22. 2010augusta

    Slide Awning Draining Idea.

    This is not really a modification to the trailer just a "new" use for an existing part. With the rainy season here in the Northwest, we have have to find a way to drain the water the pools on top of the largest slide awning. I noticed that if I let the awning relax and drupe a bit the water...
  23. D

    better way to keep awning secure?...

    I was wondering if there was a good way of keeping the electric awning more secure when it was extended. I had it out the other day in a light breeze and it was folding up onto its self. one of the arms was pushing closed while the other stayed out more. it was less of a breeze then our old...
  24. T

    2011 cyclone 3010 awning

    Is it possible to get a manual awning in place of the electric one? And what would be the length on both? (are they the same) Thanks for your help in advance!!!:)
  25. Bob&Patty

    Awning fasteners loose

    Need some help. The rear upper awning bracket screws are loose and wont tighten. Just what is behind the fiberglass that the screws go in to. Wood...aluminum..?? Best way to fix this besides longer screws with wing nuts on the inside wall. BOB:D:D
  26. A

    ladder and awning questions

    Can awning bows be used on an eletric awning to keep it out for extended time periods? And how much weight should I put on the rear ladder. I have a folding 12ft ladder that is somewhat on the heavy side. Also I have a bicycle with a 35cc motor about 50# would either of these be suitable to...
  27. smday

    Anybody with new 2010 -3850 pics of new 20' awning

    We ordered the new 3850 and was wondering if anyone had pictures of the new 20' awning. They don't offer the rear awning anymore:mad: as an option. I was told the new awning now goes from the front compartment to just in front of the rear door. Would like to add a rear awning afterwards if there...
  28. D

    BC 3250 awning

    When we were at the Goshen Rally we had a couple of things repaired (which were done expertly and fast) but there has one thing they could not fix, It was the awning arm that won't stay up. The technician said it needed a new gas cylinder. The weekend after the rally we went to the dealer to...
  29. C

    Bigger awning on M19

    Several members have already mentioned the door hitting the awning support on the Edge trailer. It appears that on the M19 there is room for a longer awning that can be attached between the window and the front storage compartment. That way, all the windows on the side would be under the awning...
  30. JohnDar

    Awning Repair - Semifinal

    Well, the service tech (one of the two given by Dometic) ordered the replacement motor and the "pitch kit," back on Aug. 27. When it didn't come before we left on Sept. 10, he was told by Dometic that it was due to the holiday. It's still not here because Dometic has told him (after he followed...
  31. JohnDar

    Another Awning Repair Update

    So, here we are, back at home and the awning on our BH is still not fixed. The repairman has not received the motor/parts and Dometic claims it's due to the holiday. The stuff was ordered over a week before the holiday. Hopefully, when we return to our rig on the 17th, he'll have the parts...
  32. JohnDar

    Update on Awning

    It won't be repaired until next Tuesday. Waiting for parts. Now, someone can expect to get an invoice for the service call, after I pay it. Not interested in any B.S. about "well, you could have hauled it..." The repairman runs a mobile service. The other "authorized" service operation...
  33. JohnDar

    Power Awning trouble...again

    Well, campers, a week or so ago, I could not get the Dometic 9100 to come in out of the rain. It finally did work and seemed to be OK after that. When we left, it rolled back in no problem and all seemed fine. We've returned today and went to extend the awning and...nothing. Stupid thing...
  34. U

    3010 awning

    I would like to see wider awning (20') that covered rear side door and front side door. This will achieve two things,1 cover for rear door,2 place to set up table (between the side doors) .We like to cook outside on electric griddle ,bacon, eggs,etc. Coach will not smell like bacon and we love...
  35. JohnDar

    Electric Awning won't retract

    OK, now what? When we arrived last Monday, the awning extended no problem. Tonight, a storm blows in and I can't get the stupid thing to retract. I hear something like a "clunk" when I hit the retract button, but no joy on getting any movement. I'm 200 miles from the dealer, sitting on a...
  36. B

    electric awning

    Is it normal for a brand new electric awning on a brand new 2010 Big Horn to be slow on retraction in only a couple month use ?? I cring everytime I put my awning in, praying it will retract without fail. If this is normal on a new coach, I hate to thinkwhat it might be like in a couple years...
  37. J

    no power on electric Awning

    Just Picked up our new 2300RE on Friday, Wow what a living room. We debated over the 2900MK qnd the RE. All the neighbors came over to see the new coach and we ended up talking about 3hrs. The coach is excellent during our PDI we tested everything even the electric awning. Well Today I tried...
  38. J

    no power on electric Awning

    Just Picked up our new 2300RE on Friday, Wow what a living room. We debated over the 2900MK qnd the RE. All the neighbors came over to see the new coach and we ended up talking about 3hrs. The coach is excellent during our PDI we tested everything even the electric awning. Well Today I tried...
  39. B

    Slide awning, what is this?

    Each of our slide awnings has a small piece of metal next t it attached to the side of the trailer. It is about 2.5 " square and rises towards the centre with a 1/4" grove in the centre. It doesn't attach to anything or have any moving parts. I was wondering what it was for, is it to attach...
  40. S

    Awning rooms

    We have a 2010 Big Horn believe it is a 3670RL, would like to purchase an awning room for outside space. Know what kind I should buy?:p Thank you