Location of 12 Volt Fuse Panel (Awning One failing to Work)

Model: 2020 Landmark 365 Oshkosh, Bought used last Nov 2022.

Yesterday, a hot day, we decided to open Awning number one (in front of our door, right side). It would not work. There was NO motor or Awning Unfurling Noises. NOTHING happened.

The button/switch inside, next to our Dinette inside the door (facing forward are the Light and Awnings Buttons), lights UP normally and yet nothing happens. The awning has been stuck closed before (and we pull on the main forward ARM to get it unstuck), but we would always hear the motor driving it open. NOTHING.

So, my first move will be to check the Fuse (12 volt). I am up early and opened the inside breaker/FUSE PANEL door and there are only 120 Volt BREAKERS.... for the 120V A/C side of our Landmark. I have read that there SHOULD be a 12volt Fuse Panel INSIDE the kitchen area. I see no such 12V fuse panel.

Can anyone tell me where the 12volt Fuse Panel should be? Second, can anyone tell me if there is a relay that causes the Awning Motors to turn on?

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Good chance the 12V fuse panel is inside a cabinet somewhere (there has to be one). As for the motor, on past units it was simply an automotive electric window motor. No relay, just direct drive with the switch reversing the current flow for direction.
Motor is at one end of the roller tube. Check the connectors in the arm.

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If you decide to replace the motor yourself ,MAKE sure you lock the roller tube before unhooking the tube from the arm.The motor will be on the right side of the roller tube when looking at the trailer and you lock the roller tube on the left side. There are 2 small slots in the roller end cap,you will have to get a ladder,a long cotter pin and roll the tube slightly while looking at the slot on the cap until you can see through the tube cap and see the other slot,insert cotter pin through opening and bend end of cotter pin. Then you need to drill out the rivets on the end cap.When pulling end cap off of roller be careful because the arm will go back against trailer.Its best if you have help, it’s really a 2 person job.
If you do not lock the roller and remove the roller from the arm it will unwind with force and you will be forced to have it re- rolled to get the tension back on the spring.
Goof luck