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I have a 2016 north trial 24bhs which I just picked up Monday? Can anyone tell me if this model came pre-wired for a back up camera? If not, can anyone recommend a back up camera to install? I would prefer one I don’t have to remove panels to run wired all over the place.


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Furrion antenna systems are wireless, just need a power & ground wires to the camera. Majority of the newer ones are wired into the running light circuit. Good luck with your decision.


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is anyone using a wireless camera system on their 5th wheel, which works great all the time without any issues?......

the people I know that have bought them thinking it would be an easy way to add a camera to the rear, have issues with them frequently losing signal.... it may be better if the camera/transmitter and the screen/receiver were closer, but from the experiences ive seen, I would consider investing in a dependable wired system......


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My Sundance is 35 feet. I have never had a problem with the system from TechnoRV. It's a system that
was originally developed for farm equipment. If I could ask for one improvement, it would be a faster frame rate.
But it still works fine.


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My Furrion "blinks" occasionally but not for long. I have the observation camera that is on all the time. I find it handy on the road when passing.
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I put one on my fiver several years ago, and I found it to be less than useful. Having my wife with a walkie out back of the rig, was much more beneficial to me . Removed it and sold it.