Backup camera.


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We use the Furrion Vision S 4 camera system with the 7 inch monitor. It has been trouble free and works very well. No problem getting a signal from the rear of our 45 foot long Cyclone to the truck cab.


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Furrion S7 system on 40' 5er without any problems, using two cameras, one on rear & one inside garage. Luv it!!


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Same as others, we use the Furrion S4 and have no issues with the camera dropping out. But I now just it for backing, tried to use it as an observation camera and found it was more of a hassle than worth it. Spent more time worrying about how close or if somebody was behind us. Even how close they got to the rear at a stop light, not worth the trouble.
My car has a pre-installed stand for furrion. I was going to buy the camera from the furrion, but after doing a lot of research I chose the haloview, lower price good quality, fits the furrion mount, overall it works great and I'm satisfied.


We use the Furrion Vision S 4 camera system with the 7 inch monitor on our 42' 2022 Big Horn Traveler 39 MB with 2022 GMC 3500 only problem we had was you need a different
7-Way Adapter with Power Switch
only found out by calling Furrion something in the way newer trucks are wired. Other then that was very easy to install and seems to be working great.