Battery Disconnect switch problem


I have a new Heartland Mallard m210rb . When I turn the battery disconect switch nothing shuts off of course when its in the on position its also all still on. Im assuming something is not wired correctly. I noticed on the positive side from the battery to the switch hooked up to that side a wire runs to the junction box to a cluster of wires. I switched that wire to the other side of the switch and everything is off when switch is off and on when it is on. Tested everything i could without shore power all worked fine. With shore power everything i could check works fine Battery charged converter ran micorowave air conditioner everything seemed fine

Ill add a couple of picks just want to see if anyone knows if this should be ok ! Im done waiting on camping world I can't even get them to return my call. Been talking to heartland some sent them this information hope to hear from them monday.


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