Big horn 2015 3160 TV amplifier hot wire issue


Back wall mounted in cabinet TV, slides up and down, fire place under it

On the TV, Jensen amplifier/receiver. It has always acted weird. Was trying to use it, turned it on, it would power on and off by itself. Blew the fuse

Problem I have, It started blowing fuses, it ends up being on circuit 8. labeled air conditioner. So when it blows it takes out the furnace / AC control panel. I think it is a 15 amp fuse (trailer is on the mountain). Checked the internal fuse on the receiver its good. Any time you try to install new fuse it blows. Short to ground?
Unhook power from receiver. One wire comes in from the side wall, one comes in from the back wall. Those 2 and power from receiver wired together. OK undo the bundle. new fuse I get control panel to heat/AC controller. Heater works, not sure on the AC side. I have pulled the fuse box, cant see anything exposed or lose.

So it looks like wire runs out side bottom of slide then up into coach, not sure on back wall. Finding the short or replacing wire look like a P.I.T.A.!!!!

Any tips on how to narrow it down. to one of the legs?

Thanks muz


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check wires coming in under the slide for chafing. The slide wipe is stiffened by a strip of metal that may cause a short. My 120vac was stripped and caused the wire to burn apart. Also check the junction box on the frame for water intrusion.