Bighorn traveler 32ck


I recently purchased a BH Traveler 32ck. Curious if anyone on here has one and any issues they may have had? I’ve had several campers, and use them approx 8-9 moths a year while traveling for work. This is the most expensive camper I have had, and seems to be lacking in quality build compared to much less expensive campers I’ve owned. Love the floor plan though.


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There are always issues that need to be corrected, but I don't think I've seen any pervasive issues on Bighorn Traveler rigs. But perhaps some Traveler owners will chime in with their experience.


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We have the 32 RS and no major issues at all. Check plumbing drain line connections, had a loose one under the island sink.

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First, congrats on your new rig and welcome to the family.
Curious as to what issues youi're having? If it's the simple little headache problems that should be addressed at the walk thru or are you talking major issues. I read abouit people (probably 1st timers) that complain of a light switch not working or a leak under the sink with a loose pipe connection. The dealers are supposed to prep the rigs and give the customer a walk thru with the rigs under power and hooked to city water. The dealer should explain and work every switch, slide, A/C unit, water faucet, awning, etc while you are there to help familiarize the buyer with the rig. This is the time to catch all of the minor but annoying issues that can arise.
Again, please let us know what issues you are experiencing. Hope you get all of the problems worked out.

If you are having major issues, it doesn't say much for the Q/A system supposedly in place now with HL


We just purchased a 32CK last week and love it. Have not camped in it yet but so far are impressed with the build quality over many other brands that we shopped. We previously had a Lance pickup camper and a Holiday Rambler motorhome before that. Only had 2 small issues discovered during the walk through with the dealer. A kitchen drawer was sticking but they fixed it on the spot. And the outdoor awning lights didn't work. They fixed that on the spot as well and told me the root cause and how they fixed it. We are looking forward to trying it out in the next couple of weeks with our first trip.


I have a big horn 123 , can anyone tell me how to remove the tv from the ent. center in living room. I am trying to hook up a roku and can not get tothe back of tv.


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most of the bighorns have two brackets attached to bottom of tv that screw to back wall behind tv- remove those screws and tv should lift off the bracket - its a normal tv mount bracket ( all of this is subject to change as they factory changes stuff all the time ) I changed mine to one that pulls out and locks in place - a more ryde one. I also moved it up higher so that I could mount a soundbar below the tv


Air Conditions in the Big Horn 32 CK (Dometic)
Has anyone had any issues with the AC’s cycling on and off? The one in the bedroom will cycle approx 3 times on and off within 30 seconds after the room gets close to temp. The dealer said this is the new system Dometic uses, variable speed. The one in the living room has cycled on and off at least 20 times in the last 10 minutes. Other than that, it has been running constantly. The room is close to temp when this starts also. Any help is appreciated.