Bluetooth on Genesis GT-3.0

I bought a Tech Acoustics Model WS 507E wireless speaker that is supposed to operate by Bluetooth pairing. So far, Bluetooth in my Genesis GT-3.0 has not recognized the device, nor has the device recognized it. Can anybody help on where to get help.


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Hi joekwatson,

Here are the pairing instructions from the GT 3.0 manual and here's a link to the manual. But I have a feeling it's a bluetooth receiver only, intended to play music from your bluetooth enabled phone. It may not be able to output audio to a bluetooth speaker. You might need to buy a bluetooth transmitter for that. Here's one on

Pairing the GT-3.0 with a Bluetooth
With the GT-3.0 powered on Press the button marked
“Bluetooth” to enter Bluetooth setup. The GT-3.0 screen will

report “NO LINK” until a Bluetooth device is successfully paired

with the GT-3.0.
The GT-3.0 will send a password request to the Bluetooth device that reads “Enter a numeric PassKey for GENESIS

TECHNOLOGIES ****”. The factory default pass key is (0000).
Enter the 4 digit numeric code to unlock the Bluetooth connection. The GT-3.0 will send a confirmation request to the device

that reads “Accept Connection Request from GENESIS TECHNOLOGIES?”


to successfully pair device with the GT-3.0
Pairing the GT-3.0 to a cell phone will configure the GT-3.0 to
allow hands-free listening and talking. The built in microphone is
located on the face of the GT-3.0 with a range of 12 feet. Sound
is transmitted to any of the selected rooms A, B and or C.
The paired Bluetooth connection also allows remotely controlled streaming stereo audio from the paired device from as far

away as 25 feet.Bluetooth

paring is not video enabled.