Ceiling Fan Fixed (Fantastic)


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Our 2021 4006 has the kitchen fantastic fan. Since delivery the fan has worked but the switch would not open the lid. I pulled the double wall switch and had power so I waited until it could be repaired under warranty.

This week Heartland allowed a mobile tech company to repair it. When they tested for power up at the small motor that opens the lid they found none. After removing 90% of the ceiling assembly they discovered all 5 wire connections were completed with too small of wire ties! Heartland had jammed 3 and 4 wires into those tiny little clear cheap wire ties that were only meant for 2 very small 12v wires. Of course a couple of these had come apart. We are thankful nothing up there actually started the ceiling on fire.

Fixed now, of course I still had to pay the $75 service call portion.