Close to buying a Trail Runner


Hi everybody,

Been looking to purchase our first travel trailer for a long time now and almost settled on a Trail Runner (and may even be putting down a deposit in the next day or so). The issue I have is, I won't actually be able to see one before I do due to covid etc. I have done massive amounts of research on the subject over the last 2 years and of course if anything is majorly wrong with it I would get my money back - I am also hoping they will let us put the deposit on something else they have in stock if we really don't like it - although I am fairly certain that won't be the case.

It is tricky to find info / videos / reviews on them though - I like the walkthroughs they do on channels like Haylett RV. But, seeing as no one seems to that for the Trail Runner I wouldn't mind finding out a bit more about them from owners, particularly of newer units. However, the Trail Runner section of the forum is also quite quiet. Are they not very popular for some reason? So, where would be best for me to post and reach out to fellow owners?

Thank you! Looking forward to moving all of this forward and learning (and hopefully helping too in the not too distant future).


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Hi DoricD,

Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum and hopefully to the Heartland family.

Trail Runners are very popular and have been a big seller for quite a long time. I'm sure you'll hear from some who have first hand experience with them.


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Buying a lot of things without seeing them in person is tricky. But buying any RV with out seeing your actual unit is really asking for dis-appointment. We looked at trail runners and they are pretty basic and inexpensive units. Covid issues being what they are, you would be so much better off to make a trip and look before buying.


Thanks guys, yes covid restrictions are the reason we are not able to see the unit at the moment. But knowing what the RV industry is like at the I know going around looking when we are able to, we may be unlikely to find a unit that we want. And we will be wanting to use it ASAP when we are more mobile (it's a long story). And this one happens to be only a few KM away from where we live which is a huge bonus - the dealer also has a good reputation and we have spoken to them extensively. We don't mind basic and inexpensive either, for many reasons not least because we don't have unlimited amounts of money. We are in our mid 30's, fit and don't need a huge amount of luxuries. As long as it has a comfy bed (will buying a memory foam) and all the essentials then we should be fine - if not we can trade it in for something that we prefer at a later date. I actually really like the simplicity of this unit, it is one of the main draws for me along with it's compact size. The 2021 revamp also looks a lot better to previous years IMO.

So, yeah, if anyone has some real world experiences, reviews or tip about the Trail Runner's specifically, that would be great. It's a shame there's not more about them on Youtube - maybe I'll have to make a video!