Common Leak Spots

Are there any known common leak spots, specifically in a 2018 Mallard M245? I've got 3 spots with evidence of water damage.

- Soft floor right in front of entry door,
- Soft floor beside bed on passenger side
- peeling wall panel (plywood showing) at bottom of seam in master bedroom on driver's side.

I'm trying to make sense of them before I dig in.


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I can’t give any advice for your specific model, but in my previous travel trailer, water was coming out of the seam between the wall and floor, I thought it was from the window right above it, but it turned out to be a bad roof leak that was traveling down the wall and escaping right above the floor.

Another common issue I have heard of is around the wheels where water can be forced through tiny tears in the floor material. This is why they started putting metal sheets above the wheels in recent years.

One tool that can be helpful in tracking down weird leaks is a moisture meter. It’s not perfect since it can give false positives over the aluminum frame, but it can help point you in the right direction.

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