Connect to campsite cable


I recently purchased a 2023 Pioneer BH250 and I'm trying to figure out how to connect my trailer to a campsite cable. My last trailer had a cable connection on the side of my trailer and was labeled Coax input. There are cable connections in the trailer and one directly outside where an outside TV would be hooked up but it's not labeled and it's on the camp side of the trailer not the utility side. Is there a place to hook up cable or are the connectors just for the receiver on the roof for like air channels?
What did you end up solving with your cable TV issue? Post a picture of your Travel Trailer, or the side of the trailer where you have the cable out let's, good luck...Scott.


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BTW, the few times I used campground cable TV/master antenna systems I found the campground F connector to be corroded enough to degrade the TV signal. A shot of Caig DeOxIt contact cleaner/restorer cleared that up.