Considering a 2014 3310MKS!!!


Considering a 2014 3310MKS!!! New Question!

Hi all,

My first post here!

I'm heading off on Sunday to look at, and potentially buy, a 2014 Sundance 3310MKS in what looks like very good condition.

Are there things I should look for either generally or specifically? Specifics would be very helpful particularly from those who own this model.

Are these units prone to delamination problems or other concerns?

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Thanks! Very helpful.

I bought it! Got a great deal and pulled it home... it pulls VERY nicely. My F-250 diesel is a a bit under-powered going up steep hills, but not bad at all.

I had trouble with the landing gear when hooking up, when I got home I discovered why.

At some point the left leg, (the lead leg with the motor) was overextended and subsequently bent the threaded internal rod which then took out the pinion gears at the top. I discovered this upon dismantling the entire leg thinking I could replace the stripped crown and pinion gears. No such luck.

My question... there's no indication of the manufacturer on the leg anywhere. I read that some pinions are held in place with a cir-clip, mine has a small thin wire clip that goes in a groove and holds the pin in place.

So.... who made this landing gear, and what replacement lead leg do I need to buy? I'm leaving my truck connected until I get it repaired so time is of the essence!



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Call them and have your VIN handy. They can point you in the right direction.
I bought it! Got a great deal and pulled it home...

Hi Imago -

I'm also looking at 2014 3310MKS in Ontario. Listed at a large dealer for $xx,x00.
Can I ask what you paid for yours, i.e. - what is a good deal?

Thanks so much!
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