Design Ideas--Satellite Antenna Connections


I have a new 2013 33CK Greystone which we really like. In preparing the trailer for its first outing, I realized that there is no good place to install the Direct TV receiver near the satellite cable connection and TV. I bored holes in the shelving and installing the receiving on its side in the upper compartment. That is not an ideal solution but it works. Recommend that a shelf near the TV and cable connection be increased in depth sufficient to properly install the receiver.


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Yes, we have seen many trailers and 5th wheels that have satellite connections but no where to put the satellite receiver. What is that all about? I guess the folks that design these things have never lived in one.


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Ours was barely big enough for our Dish receiver. Depth was fine but had to turn it almost side ways together it into our Elkridge compartment.


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Must depend on which floorplan you have. In my older 3670, the DISH ViP 211k receiver sits nicely on top of the Samsung HD-20 DVD/FM receiver in the cabinet next to the main TV. The Samsung barely fits in it's spot, though.